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Are there any single parents out there wanting to start or are already in a new relationship practicing bonding-based sex or Karezza? I'm starting this blog to invite some ideas and explore some questions I have (and maybe you have) as a single parent wanting to find a partner that wants to practice Karezza.

How do you find someone who wants to experiment with the exchanges when just the commitment to that experiment (if you follow the 'sleeping together every night' suggestion) also requires commitment to being part of a family?
How do you manage a longer period of courtship?
Has anyone tried living apart and still practicing bonding-based sex?
How does dealing with the stress of the new family structure affect also trying out a new way to approach relationship (for those who, like me, are former passion cycle addicts)?
How do you make that much time for the new partner when you're full time parenting and trying to support a family on one income?



These are great questions! I dont have any answers :( I dont have children or much experience of Karezza yet.
Instead I want to welcome you, Ive enjoyed reading your posts. Its great that you are bringing a fresh perspective with you as a woman and a mother. Im happy for you that you have been able to enjoy abstinence for 2 months. Im really interested to hear of all your findings and journey of recovery.
Your friend, Sierra

Just want to mention

that women are a bit scarce here. The forum has been overrun by recovering porn users, and women didn't start using porn heavily until recently, so there's a bit of a locker room atmosphere in the forum. Our Web helper is working on a site upgrade as we speak, and we soon hope to make it easier for "just karezza" visitors to find each other. That may increase the kind of traffic you're looking for.


Thank-you Marnia. I do find the recovering porn posts really interesting for understanding what they have struggled through both for understanding my own relationships with men and also for being a better friend to men who I've noticed succumbing to some of the negative effects of porn.

And thank-you Sierra. After receiving your comment I went and read through your blog. It's sounds like you've found a healthy path for yourself. I was really amazed at how the seemingly simple act of removing masturbation from my life has had such a tremendous impact on my emotional and spiritual well-being. Just over a year ago I split up with my husband of 10 years (we went through many stages of passion, no sex, affairs, polyamory and a LOT of fighting) and since then I've been delving pretty deeply into the meaning of relationship and spirituality in my life, which has been wonderful, but reading Marnia's book and stopping masturbating have sparked a major turning point in that journey - it's like all the things I've been learning are the puzzle pieces that have been sitting and stirring in my head and my journal and in many conversations with friends and this is the great AHA moment where I can see and feel the big picture that the pieces could create.

I hear what your saying and

I hear what your saying and can relate. It sounds like this has been a great year of transformation for you. Marnias book is fantastic. I read it too and just kept nodding my head thinking 'I intuitively know this!' In the last three years I went through various stages of monogamy, polyamory and celibacy. Its been a very liberating time and helped me to explore my sexuality, feel more confident as a women and connect with others on new levels. I had alot of fun Wink But really I know that this is not 'it', Ive travelled a full circle now and am interested only in Karezza with the aim of real bonding with one partner. Giving up M/O is a milestone for me too. Congratulations to you for abstaining for a while now.
I look forward to sharing ideas and findings with you.
Marnia it is a bit like a guys locker room on here, but the guys have been supportive of me and I relate to most things other than the genitals part so its ok.
A site just for karezza would be lovely too.
Happy days.

We don't want to separate the sites,

but we do want to make it easier for karezza visitors to check "karezza only" posts. That way, if they don't want to track all the ups and downs of porn recovery, they can effortlessly avoid those posts. The karezza posts would still appear for the recovery crowd, because I know some of them are intrigued.