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:) Hi!

This is my first time on here so be gentle, okay? You always want gentleness on your first time!...LOL!

I am a single female and have never married. But there isn't anything wrong with me at least not now! I was on some very powerful medication that took the drive out of me for years. I have been off of that medicine for more than 2 years now. Strangely, when I was young I had to watch myself because I am highly sexual by nature and have very high morals.

Recently, I have had some unusual experiences. At first I began laying on my side and I would welcome a spiritual feeling that came up behind me. I have had that for sometime now. But just for about a week it seems like I feel a sensation almost like intercourse. It is very similar. Do other females experience this? What ever it is it is very comforting and I'm almost always ready for it.

I raised the thoughts up in my mind for years that sex had very much a dirty side. I sense I'm coming out of that kind of thinking and moving into purity and innocense with those thoughts. But I don't think in terms of many men. Only one will do and it would be very nice for sure!

Welcome Sally

Do you sense it's a way of preparing you for contact with a real person? I think that dreams and fantasy were probably part of the way that our ancestors prepared for real encounters.

Are you taking any steps to meet real potential mates? Dance class, meditation class, congregations?


Hi Sally,

I've found that my need for a partner who has a very strong interest in a healing (i.e. loving/spiritual) approach to intimacy has made it basically impossible for me to find anyone. It seems so far outside what is normal that somehow, it isn't even attractive to the women I seem to meet around here.

At one point my frustration at not finding a partner to explore the Exchanges got so intense that I just decided to imagine a partner (Well, it was actually more like I invited a willing partner from where ever she was in this Universe similar to the way energy healing can be done over distances) . It was an interesting experiment. My partner seemed quite real to me. I could see her nod her head (yes or no) to me as I asked her questions. Sometimes I could feel her touch. I could feel her energy quite strongly. At one point during a massage therapy session I felt someone (her?) run her fingers through mine and kiss my cheek. It was lovely. I was always aware of her presence when she was around. She had a name. I could tell how she was dressed and how she had done up her hair. I felt a tremendous amount of joy when I first connected with her.

I know that doesn't answer your question about whether other women experience similar feelings as your own. Apparently I experienced something similar even though I'm a man. I hope that helps.




Thanks Sierra,

I suppose necessity (Or was it frustration... Smile ) is the mother of invention. In any case, I really needed to step outside the box. It was a huge relief for me to invite a partner this way. I was having no luck at all through the normal channels.