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Tonight we had our second round of intercourse. Lay down to rest and one thing led to another. She initiated this time and then I could tell she was going to cum and I said, "don't cum" and that did not make her happy. I guess I screwed up. Shouldn't have said anything. My bad. She said she no longer felt like it and that I was controlling. And that she already feels funny that I don't orgasm.

We'll get there. It was nice she initiated. We are in day 10 from when she had her last O. Now I feel like a bum.

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How easily does your wife reach orgasm from intercourse alone? Or do you have to give her a helping hand? My wife has always been very dependant on me moving in a particular way in order for her to reach penetrative orgasm. This became less likely to happen when I wasn't wanting to reach orgasm myself, and didn't move that way as much. However, what I've noticed recently is she has accomodated herself to less, and less rapid, movement, and is now able to reach orgasm without anything like as much effort. So, these days it is not so much that I have to do something specific in order for her to have an orgasm, but more like she will have an orgasm if she decides she wants to, unless I do somnething specific to prevent her, which I try not to do.

This is great because the ball is now in her court. If she wants to orgasm, she moves in a particular way, and I go along with her, without overheating myself. If she doesn't want to orgasm, she doesn't do this.

I've been keeping a detailed diary (contact, frequency, mood, etc) since you mentioned doing something similar. I realised how easy it might have been for me - unknowingly - to misrepresent the past. My wife had an orgasm yesterday, her first since sometime before the diary began, fourteen days ago. We've had intercourse enough times over that two week period, without her showing much interest in reaching orgasm, to make it unusual. I didn't orgasm, but she said afterwards it had been her hope I would, as she is privately convinced my mood is highly correlated to me climaxing. So far as she is concerned, the more frequently I reach orgasm, the more agreable I am to have around!

I'm hoping the diary will reveal all, in the fullness of time.

yeah the diary is pretty cool

I've been keeping it for only 10 days and we'll see. I am also tracking my own moods and my erection ease and quality, and notes, and the strength of my feelings for Sparkles and my arousal levels.

So far I am noticing what I think are post-O ripples but it will be awhile before we know for sure.

So back to the orgasms thing, what we used to do was this. I would help her get an orgasm via clitoral stimulation, manual or oral. Then we'd have intercourse and I'd have my orgasm, or else I'd have one afterwards via masturbation.

Now, it's changing. We don't do that, and we don't focus on clitoral stimulation. She did have an orgasm with just vaginal penetration earlier this month. She would have had one yesterday if I hadn't been rude. (She pretty quickly forgave and forgot and today said she's perfectly fine with not having an O for another few weeks just as an experiment to see if she develops stronger feelings and sensations because of it.)

We discussed breasts. What fun. I am working on touching them so they aren't as ticklish and she is getting into that slowly but surely. What great experiments. Thomas Edison didn't have as much fun with his inventions I'm sure.