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Yep my first try and I have completed 21 days of no porn, masturbation or orgasm for 21 days. I have also been alcohol,tobacco and weed free during this time. A LOT has happened during this past week. I have turned 24 and moved to a new apartment by my college. I am feeling a lot more confident and sociable. I have been working out and so my energy levels have been pretty good.

The only negative occured today and I remember the last time I abstained form PMO for 3 weeks back last June I think it was, I hit flatline.

I am noticing a bit of flatline coming on so I will have to deal with that. It will interesting to see how long this will last. Last time this happened I freaked out and MOd because I didnt know about flatline, so I dont know how long flatline would last for me.

I cannot wait for my libido to reset and come roaring back like the article says!