Day 78 no P, day 24 no MO. I thought it was supposed to get easier?

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Overall, I think I'm doing OK. One thing I've noticed with this latest period of abstinence from MO (and other such periods before) is that even though people say resisiting the urge to masturbate to orgasm becomes easier after about 3 weeks or so, that's not my experience. My experience is the exact opposite - I go through a flatline phase for about 2 or 3 weeks, and then it becomes much harder (no pun intended) to resist. After about the 21 day mark or so, I start walking around with erections all of the time.........this time around is no different. Also, if it's true that girls gravitate to us more the longer we abstain (which has certainly been my experience) then it becomes even harder to resist the urge. Sure, you could try to make a move on someone, and that may take a few weeks or even a few months, but you could also go home right and now get one off. So it's a struggle, truthfully.

That being said, I am bound and determined to remain disciplined and not succumb to my desires. I have to AT LEAST break my previous record of 29 days, although I'm really aiming for 60 days. Also, I'm still having porn flashbacks in my dreams. Happens at least once a week ever since I first began this journey way back in early October. If I don't dwell on it for the first five minutes or so after I wake up, I'm usually fine, but it is tough to resist the urge to masturbate to the porn flashbacks I just saw in my dreams.



I had exactly the same last night (Porn based wet dream) yet have rarely had wet dreams. Maybe 1 in my entire life before I started no PMO.

This isn't meant to discourage you, just letting you know you are in good company!

Fight the good fight! Biggrin


Apologies, I misread your post. I had a 'dry' dream where I was looking at porn when I first started, and felt completely distraught and horrified. I was so glad to wake up!


eventually the goal is to get some action...or find a balance with (porn-free) sensual masturbation.  But you know that.

Yes of course. There's

Yes of course. There's nothing wrong with masturbation in and of itself. And yet, I still feel like it generally shouldn't be a part of my life. Because when I did it (with or without porn) I did it obsessively - at least twice, if not 3 or 4 times a day, EVERY day. I needed to do it before going to sleep and before waking up in the morning to start my day. Quite a few times I've been late for work or class because of my need to get one off, and this could've been with or without porn. So I feel like focusing on living without MO is just as important as getting rid of porn, for me. I'm sure the excessive masturbation I was accustomed to can't possibly be healthy. Also, I've been doing so well and feeling so well without it. So yes, I hope to find a balance, but not this soon. I tried experimenting about this far into my last stretch of abstaining from MO, and ended up sliding down a slippery slope.