day 0 - you know you got a problem when...

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Well in the past I documented success with no PMO for 90 days. I give advice here a lot. Unfortuately, I haven't been taking my own advice. I got stressed, and started moderately drinking more days than not, and then I got into the M habit again. I even started watching P, which never was a problem for me.

Last week, my wife who in my mind avoids sexual encouters offered to give me a BJ. I found every way to avoid it because I had been in the PMO cycle, and knew I was weak down there. Rather than stop the PMO immediately, I actually increased it. Now my mind knows what works and what doesn't, so it's amazing to me how I got here.

It feels good just to admit that I got a problem. I'm challenging myself to no PMO for 1 year. My goal is to increase relations with my wife, which I think is possible.

Marnia has mentioned to me several times the importance of sleeping together. I have to agree that makes things completely better. Hopefully in the course of this no PMO challenge, I figure out how to make that a part of life.

So basically I know how to get my act together, now I just need the will

day 0


For most folks

sleeping together is an economical way of getting in some cuddle time. If you're cuddling a lot during the day, the sleeping together is less important.