Any full recovery accounts after taking more than 120 days?

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I know I have posted here and asked for help many times. And I know I've posted similar things. But I need help again. More like I need encouragements.Thank you in advance.

I have been doing no PMO for 120 days. I have watched porn 1 time during this reboot but no O.

The thing is, I have read so many rebooting accounts and with most of them they recover within 90days. Even when they say they were really addicted to porn and was a heavy user since very young, they recover less than 120 days. I haven't read any full recovery story taking more than 120days.

Now, I'm past day 125. Not perfectly strict because there was 1 time I watched porn (without O), but other than that I have been very strict. I have a social life, female friends, no smoking, only occasional drinking etc. I have no major disease/health issues. It is only recently but I gradually started exercise.

Yet I am recovering very slow to say the least. I still don't have libido, self massage only gives me a slight erection (more like getting a bit bigger than getting an erection). Morning wood only occasionally. No spontaneous erection.
I don't crave for porn but I feel as if I even lost my "libido" to porn. I know this is a good thing, but I miss that "aroused" feeling.

Now, I don't want to give up, but what I need is hope and encouragements. By these I mean I want to read someone's account of full recovery after 120days or more. I want to know some guys actually struggled after passing day 120 but they finally recovered fully.

In the beginning I was encouraged by the accounts here saying it took them 60 days or 90 days. I thought, well I can do it, 90 days is no problem. I was full of hope.

But now, I have passed 120 days(125 days) and haven't recovered.
I'm still struggling with only a little progress and I just need to know, for example, that there is someone who actually recovered fully after 150 days although they didn't see big progress until day120.

Have you read any recovery accounts, or has anyone experienced recovery after 120 days?
Thank you for your help.


*My ED issue started when I was very young(22), I thought it was due to performance anxiety. I am 36 now.
*I started watching porn when I was 15. High Speed Internet came when I was 24
*I was able to have sex with several partners before but I was always "weak"
*My ex and I dated almost 8years and broke up late last year(we lived together). First 3 or 4 years we had a lot of sex but I was weak and sometimes we only had oral sex.But My libido was there and was able to have orgasm multiple times (my penis became hard just before I had an orgasm).
*We became "sexless" last 3 years and I totally relied on porn.
*Since I started masturbating I always used my hand while watching porn (or whatever I used) and thought it was natural.
*I really used all kinds of porn - fetish, S&M, violence, all ethnic girls,sex party stuff, etc.etc.
*I didn't even get an erection unless I touch myself. Sometimes I had an orgasm with my penis less than half erected.

Now looking back, I can see I was really addicted to porn and I wouldn't be surprised it would take more time. But, again, I read other accounts where they were as addicted as I was and still fully recovered sooner.

my advice

1) have you been on any strange medications? ever?
2) Go to your doctor to rule out other issues
3) Make sure you are working towards being in the best health and fit.
4) Go 180 days no PMO (it's only once in your life, you can do it)
5) After 180 days, find a special woman who you can open up to
6) You have to find a way not to be preoccupied with your erection. Easier said than done
7) People here will disagree, but after all this, take a little Viagra and repeat step 5.

This is the path.

Yeah, I disagree

about the Viagra. The answer to your issue in not a pill. I took Viagra and Cialis for years because of my porn induced ED. To say that after a while, they made things much worse is an understatement. Stay away from the pills if you want true healing.

I haven't gone 120 days + so I won't speculate based on my own experience with rebooting. But I will say that even with my PMO induced problems (ED etc) I saw PC muscle exercises do wonders for my erectile strength and even libido when I did them consistently. Look up "PC blaster" routines, start small, and work your way up to the full routine. You (and many exhausted happy women) will thank me.

Stay strong, stay PMO free, add in vigorous exercise (weights, sprints) and a regular PC strengthening regimen. You will be where you want to be so soon!

And congrats on going so long, man.

That exercise regimen

seems a little over the top. I KNOW I couldn't do that. Maybe I'm just that out of shape but that kind of routine all at once seems unfathomable. Have you done that routine to the letter or did you modify it?

Thanks guys.

Thanks guys.
No I haven't been on any medication.
I did use viagra a couple of times 10 years ago or so. At that time my ED was not that consistent but it did work for me at that time. I don't want to use it now.
To Marnia-
I had gone through most of the rebooting accounts and I couldn't find anyone who went through more than 120days.
I haven't gone to the doctor yet. In Canada where I live, it is difficult to see a specialist and it's possible to have to wait for a long time anyway.

About my testosterone. It is possible it is low. My body is normal as a man but my body hair doesn't grow much. I have virtually no chest hair, arm hair etc and my beard is sparse. However I also read not having body hair doesn't necessarily mean low testosterone.
I'll find the way to see a doctor anyway though.


the only reason

The only reason I mention Viagra, is that I did use it a couple of times, and it helped me overcome performance anxiety. After that, I could have sex without it with no problem. So it's not a long term solution, but in my case, it helped me overcome an obstacle. I would say, if it's use more than twice, that's too much.

Hi Terryman

I am a very similar case to you but I am felling more and more healed NOW. It's been about 150 days (although at first I still kept an email account where there was a p email that I visited in the first 6 weeks). I didn't do anything with it, just looked at it and got the highs and frustrations. If I count that out, then it's been like 120 days but I think I should still count those days as there was no real novelt, m, o, etc. Anyways, only recently ( a few weeks) I saw real "cure", although the changes came very gradually. I have little libido generally but if I do engage in intimate moments I do get hard with just very light touching. My pleasure levels are also way higher. Let's put it like this: sex isn't wow I wanan do it, I crave it, etc., but when there I feel pleasure and like it. I keep an erection most of the time (there is sometimes a slight lost of erection but like only a little bit and for a few seconds. So: am I cured totally ? NO. Am I much better? YES. Do I believe I will continue getting better till one day I will be fully and normally responsive to sex? YES! I truely believe. Try not to focus too much on it and just allow time to pass as far as you can. I was also like you, same age, same experiences, and also couldn't get hard without touching myself. Now I sometimes even get half hard just by kissing and making out. I know how hard it is, one thinks we screwed this at some point and now it's forever, or that we are just born different or something...but I don't think this is true, it's just a matter of time, and maybe look for a nice lady to fall in love with? :)

If I were you I would keep

If I were you I would keep going until 200 days or something.

If you don't want to wait that long then you can try having sex with an escort to test your erection.

Morning woods and spontaneous erections mean nothing. The only thing that matters is whether or not you can get hard while having sex.

Rebooting account from 17

Rebooting account from 17 year-old who took 135 days to really see results.

You should exercise more. Blood flow issues to your penis might be poor cardio conditioning. Get on an elliptical machine that has handles you can move and blast your heart daily. I think that's been a big key for me turning the corner over the past couple weeks (I'm on Day 85, I think). An elliptical allows you to get your heart rate above your aerobic threshold (prob about 150-155 bpm) and right up to your anaerobic threshold (prob about 170-175). when you're not in shape enough to do the same thing running/cycling. I would suggest getting a heart rate monitor to better track yourself (you need to test your thresholds as well). Notice that in the above account, the kid started seeing results a month after he started working out hard.

How's your diet? Foods with higher amounts of good fat can help- brazil nuts, almonds, avocados, coconut oil etc.

On the testosterone side of things, I've noticed some results with these protocols:

Ice baths are the shit.

Also, I'm about to start taking this:

Can't recommend it yet, but I'll let everyone know how it goes. I can, however, recommend the guy's books, particularly:

I've also noticed some positive results with kegels (PC exercises) and meditation/energy flow exercises.

Good luck, man. Keep pushing.

Thank you guys very very much

Thank you guys very very much.
I really appreciate your comments and inputs.
I'll try some of your suggestions.

One thing I can say is my libido is actually lower than when I started no PMO. At least at that time I wanted to watch porn (with libido to porn) but I don't now. It seems like it is a super long flat-line, but wonder if it can be because it is really long.But again my porn use was intense when I think back...

Marnia wrote:

[quote=Marnia]but trust your body's timing. Are you socializing with potential mates? Your brain may need some inspiration.[/quote]
Thank you! Yes I have had hung out (or had a date) with some girls and I have kissed someone.
It didn't work out but I'm trying :)

I am wondering

if you used porn and/or masturbated/fantasized while you were in your relationship for 8 years? If so I suspect that contributed to your problems.

I'm 37 this year and have had ED problems since the first time I tried to have sex when I was 18. This past year I've had my best experiences with intercourse ever, with two different women; not perfect, but the best ever. Rebooting with a partner has been key for me; only gradually am I acclimating myself to being with a real woman. I still get turned on by porn and am slowly learning to get turned on being with a woman. I rebooted for about 110 days last summer, then slipped up, and have now been at it nearly 120 days, but with *many* slip-ups, porn viewing, edging, orgasming to porn; still progress is coming slowly with my gf in spite of those slip ups. I share many symptoms with you: weak erections (when present), not a whole lot of facial hair either.

My number one recommendation to you is that I think you could see greater progress with a woman in your life.

Porn has messed our responses up and we need to weed it out of our lives, get it out of our psyches.

Hey, I have been rebooting

Hey, I have been rebooting for over 180+ days now. I think 192 days total but I'm starting to lose count. I have not watched porn in all that time but I have masturbated several times starting after day 120+. I tried sex and making out last December. Sex resulted in difficulty with erection and when I was finally able to get it up, i ejaculated in about a minute. Making out did not cause me to obtain a long lasting relationship.

Since then, I have started seeing a new girl and we have gone out several times with some make out and cuddling sessions. Those have been nice. I have noticed my libido is starting to pick up since around day 160. I don't know if it is because I started seeing a new girl but I suspect that it's related.

I also think a lot of my problems are anxiety related. I can obtain a full erection just by stroking lightly with no fantasy.