week 6, day 1

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Started the day with body pump class at 6:30. In the morning, almost did nothing at work, just read emails, and registered for the next ski trip (I am addicted).

In the afternoon, I started preparing for some meeting I am having tomorrow. And also spent some time trying to settle an apartment that I found for my Italian friend (F, yeah, another one with the same name) who is coming here next week. And it was a pleasure to hear that he is actually getting married soon to his japanese girlfriend, A. I have known them for about 7 years now, and also felt a bit sorry for her, because she was just following him around Europe without a proper job and he was not absolutely sure that he wanted to stay with her. So happy for her, she is a wonderful girl.

I left a bit early, with the hope of continuing to work from home. I am also having my one year evaluation early tomorrow morning, first time in this company, so I have to prepare for it. Now, it is already 9:30, so I have to hurry and finish that, and maybe do also a bit of some other work.

I talked on Skype with friends in Denmark, a dutch guy J and his Italian wife D. J was my PhD supervisor who got me started into running and now one of my closest friends. He is actually coming in June to run the Stockholm marathon together with me, so we talked a lot about that and how our training is going (I actually have not started seriously training for that race!). They are also expecting a baby (due for next Tuesday) and was nice to see D doing quite well and fresh.

Almost forgot, on Saturday I thought of them and texted J asking how it is going and if D is doing well. He didn't reply till this morning, and yesterday some crazy thought entered my mind. I thought of some scary shit like maybe D had a problem during childbirth and maybe that is why he didn't answer. I called him but he didn't pick up his phone. Then I started thinking of different scenarios. One scenario that kept coming was like this: D has died during the childbirth, and J has kinda lost it. I hear about it and fly immediately to comfort him. And he is very happy to see me and I was the first one to be by his side. He tells me what a good friend I am and I feel extremely happy. Weird, isn't it. That thought really scared the shit out of me, where the hell did it come from?

I was expecting a couch surfer today but she canceled a couple of hours before, I don't know why (she said something like due to some unforeseen circumstances, hope she is OK). Anyways, I have a lot of surfers coming this week. Maybe I didn't think it through. Wed to Friday, there is an australian girl coming and during the weekend, a french girl. I think I should host some guys once in a while too. Actually, I must admit I did something a bit calculated today. D (my portuguese friend from the ski trip, whom I mentioned I have some difficulty with) is also in couch surfing and yesterday we talked about it a bit on the bus. So a while ago I thought, maybe I should give him a reference so that if he writes back it will show on my profile at the top. And I just did that. At the moment, most of the top 20 references are from single girls who stayed at my place or at whose place I stayed during my travels, so someone might think I host only single girls and get suspicious. Funny, because that is mostly what I do, the last time I hosted a guy was during summer of 2010. Strange behavior, don't you think. I mean, even though I never tried to hit on the girls that came to my place (the few times that something happened during couch surfing was while I was traveling rather than hosting), I keep hosting only girls. Am I expecting some girl to come to my place and seduce me?....food for thought.. or maybe not, thinking too much is rather a problem I should try to reduce rather than encourage...so I will try to just let it be... but if you are reading this and have another opinion, would be nice to share Smile

well, time to get some work done. Adios!