I Think I'm Cured!

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After about 143 of no P, with a few minutes of p in between and currently 36 days of no PMO (mixed with a good amount of edging recently) I can finally say my ed might be cured .... It's crazy because the day before my penis actually looked dead for sum odd reason ... Like it literally never looked so bad before in its life ... My usually big friend shrunk to about three inches or the size of a noodle .... Not used to seeing it like this, i didn't know whether to laugh or to be scared for my life .... shit literally looked lifeless ... then i got high that day and surprisingly enough, for the very few times when I'm high I edged, but was able to resist MO'ing ... like i literally was about to climb over the edge last night but then I had to think about the pain and all the missed opportunities that this PMO shit has caused me .... And with that, I was able to cease 'edging over the edge' which is very rare becuz this is wen im most vulnerable to relapsing .... *phew* that was a close one ... Anyways, while I was edging I realized that my erection was stronger then normal ... Actually too strong to be exact ... I literally for the first time since I was 15 (without any use of viagra, herbal supplements or any other aids) had a 100% erection .... like wow, what an amazing feeling ... I think I almost wanted to cry a couple of times man because this has really been an emotional and humbling experience for me ... It really taught me to take absolutely NOTHING for granted .... especially ur sexual health cuz that aint no joke ... The only irony about this is that although I feel my erection is back to its peak, my libido has suddenly dipped the past couple of days which is funny because i felt i had more of a libido and a weaker of an erection just about a week ago ... eghh i guess all this will balance out in due time :) ... now my only thing is that like i said before, its hard for me to resist females because there is always an opportunity for me to have sex ... I mean literally I can go one pr two months without anything coming up and then the next one 1 opportunity might come or the next 2 months another 3 more ... And most times, especially nowadays I just don't be looking for it ... I unexpectedly might have to get to work since an old friend of mine I was supposed to fuck since last yr is coming into town soon and wants to spend time with me ... damn the only thing im worried about is the fact that i thought that i was cured or almost cured before at around day 56 of PMO before my last relapse but after I mo'd on that day i immediately flatlined again ... That's y im really tryna be weary this time around so that won't keep happening again ... Should i just take the opportunity if it presents itself in a couple of days or should i just wait the remaining 54 days of no PMO and try to get this out of the way for good? *hopefully* ... the cool side of me is sayin that i only got 54 more days to go but the bad side of me is tired of waiting .... Most likely due to the fact that I've already lost ALOT of opportunities to females in the past due to me not being sexually potent I probably will not want to pass up on another female ... Who knows I might really be cured dis time after all lol But advices are still very much appreciated



It's about damn time. And DON'T blow off any steam before your friend shows. I want to write up your rebooting account. wink