Day 16 - Wet (in the dryest possible sense) dream

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At 3:30 AM I woke up to nocturnal emission. It was such a weird experience - I never even though this could happen to me. At first I was disappointed (because of the setback in mood I was expecting), but I at least logically reasoned it's a sign of progress - that my will/determination (when conscious :P) is stronger than I may have realized.

I feel a little bit cheated - I didn't even get to enjoy the wet dream, because from what I can remember there wasn't one. I think the orgasm was really weak as well, as was the burst. It was more like waking up to "wtf... why am I awake? what's that sticky cold stu... oh...".

I feel as if last nights occurance have had a negative impact on how I'm feeling and on the progress of the whole process; I've felt more vulnerable to fantasizing and "potentially arousing whatever" and less focused on the importance of keeping away from it. But I think that is also due to the physical effects I'm sure are inevitable.

Most of the day has been pretty bad though: I've been having a light headache, mind-fog, no motivation, feelings of emptyness, mentally tiredness, unability to focus, tense jaw-muscles, racing mind and a little bit of aching joints.

I hung out with a friend (even though I didn't feel like doing anything) which didn't really help and spent the rest of the afternoon feeling bad for myself. At 7pm I actually went to a volunteer meeting (which is something pretty out there being me, at least in the past). After getting past my initial prejudices (and anxiety that had been built up during the day) I ended up being the most out-going and social person in the room. I had a good time and the day reall took a turn for the better!

What has your experience been after nocturnal emission in this situation?