More than just a reboot part 2 - Life/Habit Improvements

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Continuing from my last post about changing my health habits, I'm going to go into a little more detail about some things I'll be doing in my life to ease the process.


I haven't seen anyone else talking about this but I'm going to invest in some plants for my new house. From what I have read and my own reasoning, there seems to be many benefits.
1. Caring for something living. It is always good to care for something, it may even give you a stronger sense of self worth. Plants will blossom and grow as you allow them to without the bad parts of owning a pet.
2. More plants = less carbon dioxide and more oxygen. They also filter out toxins. I'm sure this is healthy, probably promotes better sleep and breathing unless you have an allergy, but I can't support this with facts.
3. Brightens up the room. Your body responds positively to bright colors when happy, so sitting around in a dark room not watching porn is definitely going to up your depression. Your house will look warm and feel more alive.
4. Additional Effects- Certain plants, such as lavender and Gerbera, produce oils/give out oxygen which ease the body and promote good sleep.

Hobbies (reading and drawing)

I find the worst time for relapsing is late at night when on my computer. I'm going to limit computer time at night and replace it with hobbies. Reading is difficult due to my depersonalization but I'm going to force myself to concentrate and do it. I'm also going to draw more. I feel like drawing is really good to ease the mind. I suggest drawing things from your imagination, things you've made up completely. It's easy to make up stories and conflicts and ideas with characters you have invented. It always empties my mind when I do.


For any of you who don't know, affirmations are something one says to him- or herself that reinforces a particular idea. For example, one who strives to be rich might simply say "I will soon be rich and money will no longer be a problem." or "I feel myself getting richer every single day." The point is to reinforce the idea into your brain to help you focus and mold yourself into the thing you want to be. I will be saying things like "I am in charge of my thoughts and actions, and I know this."

Studying Zen and Eastern Medicine

I will be studying more about meditation, along with self-hypnosis and other "eastern" techniques. I will post quotes and stories and ask for your opinions on the meanings. I think it will be a good way for us all to look at this from another angle.

That's It
Not much of a post, but I may add some later if I come up with more.


Starting my third day. It's

Starting my third day. It's going great but I can't wait to find a place to settle down in; it's been really chaotic. On the bright side, it gives me less time to think about it and really gives me something to do, but on the other hand it's hard to sit down and meditate when I'm always out with someone!