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What has happend to our brain.What I have become.Yesterday a hot girl was vacuuming her car underneath my balcony,so hot,but i did not get any reaction at all downthere.With my girlfriend I was too tense,worrying of not able to preform,and I did not.Today I wanted to get ridd of porn stuff in my house,I deleted all,threw all DVD and I found a book of dirty stories from Literotica.I gave it one last peek.I read the story and instantly become rock hard.I threw that shit as well.This is an relapse even I did no MO.What has happened in my brain ,what is the reason it does not react to real stuff and it goes of on unreal.What kind of neural ,chemical and physical damage have I made to the brain?


Impatience and my girlfrend

Impatience and my girlfrend seeking phone sex are the worst triggers.Luckily I told her,Lent is starting,and I have to sacrifice something.40 days of no relapse will give me the power to endure more days.Thnx on advice emerson.

Now I fully get it,THNX

Now I fully get it,THNX Marnia,going to print these pages,got to hold on something,repeat the lessom.Awesome text!Now I can say that I am PMO addict trying to get well,addictions are hard to fight but it can be done.