Day 81 no P Day 1 no MO

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Yup you read that correctly. I relapsed. But only to touch.

I got very worked up again last night my girl was supposed to come over to my place and I was going to try to make a move and test out my "vitals" so to speak. She ended up bailing because she drank too much the night before. Left me a little disappointed. But of course at the perfect time to strike, that dirty girl that tries to sext me all the time started sending me dirty texts. Being in the mood all day, then let down, I picked up the phone and shot beack a few of my own. This led to one thing and then the other. But before you say "dammit man! ya gave in!" Let me just note something.

I decided that I would first give myself a body massage to relieve the tension, to no avail and then tried col water which worked. Until she sent me a pic of her pussy. I deleted it upon receiving. But the image remain burned in my head. I tried to purge it out with fantasizing about my girl and here is where it gets awesome. All I had to do was lightly stroke my dick, just with fingertips and in a matter of seconds BOOM, 100% full blown erection. FINALLY! I ended up just paying attention to sensation while battling thoughts of my girl out of my head. Took about 5-10 mins of light strokes and i came more than I ever have. Like i could have filled a couple shot glasses up. hahaha But it fel great, controlled, no intense hangover after, chaser, nothin. Even stayed a little hard after words. Hopefully I can still classify this as just an MO.

But moral of the story; Relapse? Sure it was, but I found that I AM healing and if anything at all, this guarantees me that I will have success sometime in the near future. Just keep chuggun along. 81 days no P and I MO'd 2 times now in this time. First time being a failure: No erection just came in like 20 seconds--to a full blown erection with little touch and five to ten minutes of stimulation before orgasm. Today, I still feel my libido, a desire for sex, not my hand, no chaser or hangover, or fog. Feel good. Thursday my girl is comin over to my place for a date night. I think I am gonna finally be able to award her for her patience.

To all who have been in flatline for the greater part of their reboot, be it 30 days or be it 80, you will see results. Even if the only thing you work towards in this reboot is just no watching porn, you will still recover. I went in cold turkey thinkin that just not PMOing was gonna get me through this no problem. wrong. Fantasy is a big part. Screens play a very quiet role in the delay of your reboot. Although this does slow your reboot, my face is in a screen for the majority of the day for work and I still am recovering. Take relapses lightly. But don't let that be your excuse.

VERY interested to see how this week plays out. THANKS TO ALL.


Thanks for that report

I'm glad you're ready for action. Suggestion: dump the distracting texter. no You don't want to stay hooked on "naughy visuals," You want to be getting your jollies from your sweetie. Don't make her compete with pixels of any kind.

I deleted the entire

I deleted the entire conversation and every text she sends after. I've never met a girl with such a sex drive. She pretty much is identical to what I want in bed and part of that is because she reminds me so much of a porn star. Just saying that now make much more sense why her dirty self is still around. It's not official between me and my honey, so I think that's why subconcieously I want to keep dirty girl around as a prospect. She's an actual person so why not consider her a potential mate? i think that's just my rational mind being irrational if that makes sense. But regardless, she is not the object of my affection is what it boils down to. Another thing though, I don't want my sweetie to compete for me just like I don't want to compete with her. As of late, she has been a bit more distant and flaky. I don't know if this is her playin along with the game, because since I told her about my issue I never really pressed our relationship, or tried to build it for fear of being let down. Just took it really slow with her. 2 months now and we haven't done anything sexual. 1 failed encounter, so I don't know if she's just getting fed up, or taking a step back. But hopefully since willy is wakin up, I'll be able to hook her back in before some theif comes and tries to rain on my parade. Bottom line, Sext Mistress: DELETED.