Day 91 no porn. No libido

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Day 91 no porn. Last time I MO'd was about 36 hours ago, I suppose. I don't think I'll be MO'ing again for awhile. I just don't have the desire. I've pretty much drilled it into my head that if I masturbate, there will be no fantasy. As a matter of fact, I started to do so the other day, and actually stopped after I started, because I realized that I only wanted to masturbate because a fantasy had popped in my head.

I still have porn flashbacks in my dreams, but I can handle those. I'm a little concerned about this lack of libido though. I know I shouldn't walk around with a hard-on all of the time, but you would think that my penis would try to make up for lost time after going 26 days without MO. Nope. Now that I'm entering my fourth no-PMO cycle, I must say I am very different than where I was four or five months ago. I feel very balanced. Never thought I could have so little desire to indulge myself, with or without porn.

I still have times during the day when a porn flashback will pop in my mind, in addition to the dreams at night. Or maybe I'll see an attractive girl and something in my brain will tell me to go home and engage in fantasy, but it's pretty easy to tell myself no these days. Hmmmm. I just feel like I should have more libido or something.



Normal libido (after your teen years) is the ability to rise to the occasion...when there's an occassion. And not to feel like you're exploding with horniness the rest of the time. We've all kinda been duped into setting up extreme cravings that aren't genuine libido.

That said, you may be seeing additional changes in the next month or so...particularly when you start flirting.

I hope so. I'm just worried

I hope so. I'm just worried because I'm one of the young guys (mid 20s) who started having sex after getting hooked on Internet porn. I hope I can reverse the damage I've done to myself. I feel like overcoming this addiction I've saddled myself with is a Herculean task sometimes. I honestly can't even imagine having a normal sex life, but what have I got to lose? That's the only rationale I've used to get me this far.

what do you have to lose?

That's the frame of mind that got me into this abstaining from PMO. Really, what do you have to lose? 90 days, or even 180 days is a very short period of time in the grand scheme of things.