On the magical O via Brain Power....

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I O'd via brain-only the other day. I thought there wasn't a chaser. There was. Weird, I've been irritated the whole day, and impatient. Girls were looking hot this morning, and I was getting a lot of looks. But now, I'm back down to flatline. I just feel frusterated. Who knew? So I MO'd by just thinking alone. Hopefully after my reboot, I can perfect this ! But for now, I feel the brain buzz (like the craving for O), but I feel no desire to PM. Fuck it, I'm not taking chances. I'm staying at my brother-in-law's tonight. FUCK THAT. It's weird, because I felt somewhat socially off the other day as well. But I did have a spark of libido this morning, and it felt awesome. But now it's gone. I feel clear-headed, but whatever. When I'm in full-swing, I don't feel at a loss if a girl says she doesn't want sex. Now, I feel at a loss. I feel like I'm missing out on this chick. But I know this is false, and it's a lie!

This will pass in a day or so. I hope. I'm not guilty, mad, or dissapointed. What can I do? I O'd with my mind! That's pretty awesome. Anyway, that's that.

In other news, I won't be updating this blog every day. Tracking it DAY by DAY makes it very tough on me...like it passes by too slow. Instead, I will update every few days, or weekly, or when I feel like there is a problem. I need loads of distractions over the next few weeks. I am going to live out my life ! I have a fully-booked week that involves little to no money.

Oh yeah, I've deleted facebook and I suddenly I feel no need to be on my computer. I guess since if someone wants to hang or say hi, they have my number. Whatever. I'll get back on it after my reboot I think.