First "100% Pure" Karezza experience

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This morning, Sparkles and I kissed for a bit and things quickly escalated. This is post-O day 7 for her (maybe almost 90 days for me since my last O.)

Well, she wanted me. I could tell. Again it was because I wasn't pushy or needy and just waited for her to make the moves.

This time when I entered her she wasn't wet inside. It took maybe 3 or 5 minutes for that to happen. We used lubricant and there was no forcing anything. This is the first time in awhile that I can recall this. I think she was mentally aroused but her body hadn't responded yet.

It was in a way what I'll call the first 100% fully mutual Karezza we've had. Started with me on top, then we rolled to our sides for a little, then she got on top. I got a little soft when she was on top but I got hard again and she and I just hugged and talked and the whole thing lasted maybe an hour.

There was arousal on both sides especially early on, and I could have come at that point. But I didn't and I relaxed my pelvic floor and focused on the root of my penis, the perineum, and it was a beautiful experience.

I also had an experience when I was inside her related to her breasts. I massaged her breasts and I could feel almost a column of connection between her breasts and her vagina. I could feel it affect my penis instantly. It also happened that she started to rock my chest across her breasts and nipples. But otherwise she was pretty defensive as usual about her breasts except when she was really aroused during intercourse early on.

This is the first time I didn't get the idea she was doing this for me, or doing this for an O, or doing this to get it out of the way to move on with the day, and it wasn't me that did a lot of the "work" trying to get her aroused.

And afterwards we took a shower together, which is a pleasure we used to enjoy when we were first living together and now are enjoying again. What a wonderful wonderful way to start the day and live with the one you love.