Day 205: Just saying thanks

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I just hit day 205 today and wanted to give a quick write up. Spring is coming next week, warm weather has already hit in my region. Spring fever is definitely in the air. Since my last write up, I would say like to just say thanks. Without this community I wouldn't be where I'm at. I recently got a significant raised at my job. Which I didn't expect however, my work performance and quality of life has definitely changed.

On the social side of things, my friends have noticed a change within me. Among my friends I've garnered an unprecedented level of respect and leadership. I've seemed developed intuitive sense where women are hahaha. Last week a group of us went out and did what guys do. We went out, drank and chased women. It was definitely a defining moment when I realized I was out having fun. Looks I'll be having another weekend of shenanigans coming up. I hope everyone has a happy St. Patrick's day. Until next time!