The end of the passion cycle

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A friend was just recounting a comment from his male friend at the end of another passion cycle:

"Don't you hate that dreaded moment when a woman finally comes to her senses?"

(the woman he was with was married and he was the affair).

Yes, that's the sad part...

that we all assume we've "come to our senses" when partners go out of sync and the "separation virus" sets in.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding. The fact is, our inner state controls our perception. And whether we're high on honeymoon neurochemistry, or stuck in a neurochemical "downer" after overstimulation...we're not seeing each other clearly or free of the haze of our own neediness.

I'm increasingly certain that genuine love is only possible when neurochemistry is balanced. Until then, we really don't know what we're lookng at because we're wearing glasses that distort our vision one way or the other.

Perception is an inside job. And by learning to stay in balance, we have far more control over the clarity of our perception than we realized.

This also makes love and relationships a lot less scary, because clear perception doesn't shift with the wind (i.e., with post-excess neurochemical fluctuations)....