Do wet dreams slow down process

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I know that wet dreams are natural but do they slow down the overall process if rebooting and rewiring? The last wet dream I had was on day 20 and I don't feel an intense chaser effect, but I felt that I lost all my sexual energy. Are there any meditating techniques or exercises that will lessen chances of a wet dream?

I had 17 wet dreams during my

I had 17 wet dreams during my reboot. I'm not sure if they slow down the process when they're completely natural (i.e.- not brought on by substance use like alcohol, weed, etc.). They probably slow it down a little when they are brought on by substance. Early on, they'll definitely sap your sexual energy. Nothing else to do but keep pushing on. Once you get rebooted, they don't do that anymore. You can try meditation/energy flow stuff at night before you go to bed. You can also stay away from the aforementioned substances. In general, I wouldn't worry about either the frequency or content of the dreams. Just your brain going a little bonkers as it sorts itself out.

Ok cool

I haven't smoked marijuana in 2-3 years and stopped drinking on the day that I started this no pmO so that shouldn't be a problem.