Male focus on the root of the penis during intercourse

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During intercourse I've started focusing on the root of my penis in the perineum area. This is very new to me and it's not easy to really feel it and be aware of it but it seems to add a whole dimension to bringing genital feelings into my whole body.

I guess I'll end up trying some of Mantak Chia's methods soon just for the heck of it. Or not. But focusing on that really changes things and I've only begun to figure out how.

Any experiences? What do you focus on?



Yes, the root is where its at

Yes, the root is where its at. You're on the right track. Root is where the sensation is, head of the penis is where the stimulation is. With karezza you are moving from a stimulation based experience to a sensation one. The feeling in the root will grow as you focus there. I experience it as one of "sending". Instead of sending semen you are sending your masculine energy. Focus on this energy of sending during each stroke. I think you will find it expands and the pleasure in this sending sensation is much fuller and deeper than that of stimulation. I also find this approach based more in a serving experience where you are serving your godess rather than your own personal pleasure. I am making my offering to my beloved.


When my lover is focused on *sending* his energy through me, that is when I will have a "kriya" moment~~an involuntary movement/jolt/spasm that starts in my solar plexus. Amazing to experience. I love it.

increasing sensation and sensitivity

Darryl thanks for all your informative posts.I have a question that I wanted to post for a while, you seem to be the right person to ask. Is the root of the penis the equivalent of the vagina and the head of the penis the equivalent of the clitoris? This would explain how if a woman abstains from stimulation of the clitoris and shifts her focus on the vagina it will increase sensation in the vagina. Do you think sensation in the vagina would increase without stimulation of the clitoris even while celibate or does the vagina need pleasure in order for it to increase sensation and sensitivity?


Yes, root of penis and vagina is sensation and head of penis and clitoris is stimulation. One is the build up of energy, (stimulation). The other is the sending/receiving of it, (sensation). To me, the sensation is the actual movement of energy going through me.

I dont have a vagina, (I suppose thats obvious) so I have no idea if sensation would increase while being celibate. Because the sensation energy is based in the sending and receiving, the positive and negative poles interacting, my guess would be no or not very much. Kind of like a telephone call, if no ones dialing you then you wont hear anything when you pick up the receiver. I think the sensation in the vagina increases in response to the sending from the root, and the penis root responds to the calling of the vagina. It goes back and forth, send and receive, call and respond. Its like the penis and vagina begin to talk with each other in a new way, and we're the happy recepients of their conversation. It took me a while to tune into this send and receive conversation. Like the stimulation conversation had to quiet down before I could begin to hear this other one.

I do beleive there is sending and receiving energy in conventional sex but I think it gets drowned out by the stimulation, and consequent goal oriented energy that gets created.

If the brain is ready is the body also ready?

Thanks Darryl, your answer is clear and it all makes sense. In other words without the practice of receiving from the sender the vagina may not increase in sensitivity. I thought perhaps even without the practice of receiving and just by abstaining sensitivity could increase. Sort of like when we don't overstimulate our taste buds we have a better sense of taste. I understand that the stimulation conversation had to quieten down before you could hear the sensation conversation. No conversation at all (for a long period of time) would be the same as quieting the overstimulation conversation would it not?
After many years of sexual overstimulation and PMO I am now around the three year mark of abstinence and I would like to know if I am ever lucky enough to practice karezza (as this would be the only way I would want it now) if I would be ready to receive in this way. I am sure that my brain is rebalanced by now but I don't know if the body would be we need to train the body to respond in a karezza way because even after so many years the old pathways in the brain might kick in as soon as the body has it's first sexual encounter regardless how long it has gone without. Without the goal oriented sex and just the sensation sending and receiving kind is it a whole different energy that is produced?

You may want to talk with

You may want to talk with Rachael about vaginal sensitivity and connecting in with the breasts. Again, this is not really my department but Diana Richardson talks a lot about the breast being the beginning point for the woman and when the breasts come alive the vagina follows. There may be something you can do around your breasts. Rachael may have some ideas.

I think when you connect with a partner who will join you in karezza style lovemaking you'll find your way pretty quickly. Women are very intuitive in this area and you seem pretty clear about what you want. Yes, the old conventional goal oriented way of making love will still be in there but if you know what you want you'll tune in in short order.

Hi there~

I know that if I were to ever be without my lover, I would continue to *love* my breasts daily in order to keep the circuit between them and my vagina open and flowing (it feels really good). I don't ever want to lose that connection as I feel it's the key to really feeling good while making love for both the woman and the man. (now that I have learned how to create energy through my breasts, if my lover so much as touches my nipples, he gets an erection and feels the energy all the way through his hands to his penis. It's amazing, really!)

It does help if you've experienced karezza because you know what the feeling is like and you can recreate that on your own~~but that doesn't mean you can't begin to explore the connection between your breasts and your vagina while you wait to find a karezza partner.

Love your breasts, think about them throughout the day, keep the current going. You will be *more* than ready to receive your partner when the time comes, I promise you! (it really helps keep you lubricated as well) My advice is to leave the clitoris alone~~it does nothing but make you feel unfulfilled, wanting more. All your energy goes away from your heart and downward leaving you unbalanced.

I saw this video and loved it (nothing pornographic here!)~~I think I might have to get myself some night-blooming jasmine oil (one of my favorite flowers and I can no longer grow it now that I've moved north):

it draws the feelings into your entire body

When you practice Karezza there is all this energy built up. When you focus on the root of your penis you draw that energy into your whole body instead of leaving it in your genitals. That's what it feels like anyway. It seems like a very natural thing to do after awhile once you're clued in on it.

You can practice this all during the day. Become aware of how your testicles feel, how your entire penis feels, how the root feels. Not visualizing it but feeling it. You can do this any time and as you do, you wake up the feelings and sensations there.

As I have been doing this practice, I have had much more full body feeling than a tip of the penis type pleasure, and it has been amazing.

sure and it's easy

just feel that area during the day and at night as often as possible. Become aware and conscious of it and really feel it. When you do Kegels you can feel the area more directly. If you do Kegels and you are sitting on a hard chair you can feel it against the seat of the chair. All to become aware and conscious and practice directing attention there.

That's it.

When you have sex, direct your attention to it and maintain your focus on it. You'll already be able to feel it a bit from your daily practice.

There are exercises you can learn from Mantak Chia's books if you want to, but I suggest you don't do them until your reboot is complete as they involve a directed form of masturbation. I have the books but I am not all that interested in them as they stress orgasm. But, they are helpful to practice ejaculation control.

The root of the penis results in much more pleasure throughout the body and I'm just beginning to sense the awesome pleasure from that but it's incredibly rewarding.

Ok and I k ow what you mean by the books

I have one by Eric yudelove ( mantak chias student) and for te exercises you have to be erect. Since I'm rebooting still I am staying away from those and going towards the breathing ones. I'll try to feel the parts. I realize that you have to be very calm for that.