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I'm glad I'm anonymous here cause I'm thinking I'm getting so 'woo woo' new age that I'm going to start losing friends soon:)

This morning I was doing my daily ritual, something I do for relaxation and comfort, where I focus on moving my sexual energy upwards through by vagina into and out of my breasts and was finding it hard to focus for some reason. So I added a little breast massage and was starting to notice more sensation and heat in my breasts. After reading Diana's Richardson's chapter on the role of breasts in lovemaking, I decided to add a little light nipple caressing as well.

I've been staying away from my nipples since steering away from orgasm because for years I've used my nipples as a route to intenser orgasms, both in masturbation and sex with a partner. I found that by getting my partner to play with my nipples during sex in increasingly intense and sometimes painful ways, I could provoke really explosive orgasms. But those orgasms came through oral-clitoral stimulation, usually, or maybe always now that I think about it, and not through penetration. I found that even after an orgasm, I still wanted penetration, but I would want it fast and furious while ignoring any tension or pain I was often feeling and not really paying attention to subtle sensation. That's not what I'm going for now. Now I'm practicing to relax so I can be open, receptive and sensitive to penetration in a new way, without the peak orgasm and the subsequent emotional drama.

[note for those who haven't been following my posts, I've been doing all this while single and with no intercourse. I'm also not really trying to 'masturbate', thus I'm not using toys either.]

The soft nipple caressing at first was good, and in order to avoid clitoral arousal, I focused on moving the energy upwards through my vagina to my breasts. The energy cycling exercise has allowed me to feel more sensations in my breasts and has helped move the energy out of my clitoris and take away the horny groping energy I used to feel. However, I hadn't felt anything in my vagina.

After a few caresses, I felt a little desensitized. Or maybe it was that the feeling was becoming more in the surface of the skin and I was losing the mental awareness of the sensation inside my breasts. I no longer felt any heat in my breasts. So I decided to hold my fingers about an inch away from my nipples and imagine the energy coming up through my breasts and imagined my breast expanding to reach my fingers. This increased the feeling of heat in my breasts again. After a while with this, I lightly touched my nipples and suddenly I felt a surge of energy, like electricity, come up through my vagina, fill my breasts and move out through my nipples. For the first time, I could feel in my body the entire energy circuit that I had been visualizing.

This was a great feeling, but was especially interesting for me to experience without an aching or urges in my clitoris and while still feeling relaxed. Throughout the day I've been noticing more positive sensations in my breasts than usual without feeling even the slightest bit horny or needy, even when I was hanging around with someone I have a huge crush on!




I have the impulse to show this to my wife but I'm not going to. It will appear as pressure. But it's a great sign of having these feelings without clitoral stimulation. Really great.

I've written already of playing with energy from the root of my penis and bringing it up into my body. At first I couldn't feel anything but I can feel it much more now and I am starting to get amazing feeling that way.

I also keep in mind what Rachael has said about Richardson's third eye and solar plexus exercise. I'm gonna try that soon too. I started to a little today. There seems to be a lot to be said for this energy stuff. I actually think my wife and I are making progress and the energy I feel from her breasts going into my chest seems sometimes very real.

Bravo for "working" on this Zia because you will be so much better off when you have a partner than you would have before. I think it will be night and day. How exciting!

Great thread

I also enjoy playing with Diana's breast-vagina suggestions. I think I'll add another Karezza Korner thread on that.

Hopefully, Rachel can pick out some of her favorite posts about the role of the breasts for inclusion too.

And here's an interesting one that a friend just shared privately (but is happy for me to share here):

On March 2nd, A and I spent 12 hours (9:30pm to 9:30am the next morning) as if we were glued     
together at the chest, with the exception of when one of us would get up for a few minutes. Our legs
were intertwined, we slept intermittently, and awoke happy, refreshed, and deeply relaxed. 
Later that same day, or the next day, A was standing at the bathroom mirror and realized that
she had the full sensation of her missing breast, just as if it were there. I think she waited a day or so
to tell me, so she was sure her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. Diana mentions the ability of some
women to feel their phantom breast(s). Here it was as a gift to A without either of us expecting it.
You can imagine how this has improved A's confidence, sense of balance, and the way she comes
across to the world. Before she was always checking the way she looked and didn't feel quite balanced.
She still wears a pad to take the place of the missing breast when she's out in public, but it's not constantly
on her mind.  

When A and I started seeing each other almost 2 years ago, her chest was painful on both sides, even

to her own touch. When I laid my hand on her chest in still, giving touch the first few times, the first layer
of hurt melted away, so that it was no longer painful for me or her to touch her chest. In the following months,
another layer or two dissolved, when other hurts were healed associated with that time of loss. I think this last
experience brought her (energetically and emotionally) back to a time before her breast was removed.

(Earlier background on this couple:


Wow, thanks for that story.

Wow, thanks for that story. It was actually the story in D.R's book about the woman with one missing breast that gave me the idea to hold my fingers away from my nipples. I wanted to experiment with what she was doing somehow, even though I have both breasts physically there.

So fun~

That is so neat, Zia! Yes, it leaves you with a much more balanced feeling, doesn't it? Now that I have brought my breasts to life, I no longer feel any urge to rub on my clitoris (very nice feeling, I might add, as that would only leave me feeling *less* satisfied than before).

My sexual experience is so enhanced now and I hope you can keep the energy flowing~~just wait until you experience sex this way (amazing).

I've experimented with this

I've experimented with this too. Reading parts of your post, I wanted to say try X, and then after reading more, I see you tried what I was thinking about.

Men have focused on our penis way too much. The breasts allow energy to spread about. It can be interesting to work with any spontaneous erections and find channels into which the energy can move. It's not only up as it can also go down to the toes and circulate. Men could benefit from playing with their breasts. We have receiving channels as well that enjoy attention.

The hot or cold aspect is also amazing. I can get feedback about how I feel about a potential partner by thinking about her with a hand gently over my chest and sensing whether my chest feels warmer than my hand or vice versa. Most women are warm compared to porn which can feel ice cold.

I agree with emerson. There are more subtle sensations going on at the penis root as these channels open. Many men want spontaneous erections. That seems like a crude tool compared to what one can feel at times from these practices.

Think how fun a date conversation could be if both people were familiar with this stuff and started talking about what they were feeling in the moment. When you said X, I felt an tingling along Y energy channel and then my Z responded with a burst of electricity. Hearing that, some tension in A melted and B opened up in a novel way. Or something like that.

Now when one of us can make actual sparks fly...