recovering from over masturbation

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I was masturbating,smoking like crazy for past 1.5 years because of which i have really messed up my body and also colllege.i dont feel like doing anything,always depressed.i was not like this before so i am pretty sure its because of masturbation.I have decided to quit this habbit indefinatly until i feel i am fully recovered.Please suggest some books/movies anything that will keep me motivated.
thanx in advance

If you are looking for

If you are looking for inspiration, I would suggest movies that involve an arc where a man reforms himself, makes himself a better man, perhaps by taking decisions to avoid old habits, and perhaps also discovers a more elevated version of love. Just some movies that I have seen recently and found inspiring include:

- Groundhog Day
- Drug Store Cowboy
- Forgetting Sarah Marshall
- Harold and Kumar series
- The best days of our lives (1946 - best obtained from Netflix)

here are some movies and books


Chariots of Fire would be right up there.

Breaking Away

Mr. Holland's Opus

Pursuit of Happyness

Karate Kid

Slumdog Millionaire



Think and Grow Rich

Awaken The Giant Within

Shantaram (you won't believe how good this is about someone really at the bottom in the slums in India)

Black Swan Green - about an adolescent boy growing up

Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler