when orgasms are infrequent, is the fallout worse?

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Just wondered this. She had an orgasm the other day. This time around it seems much worse in terms of fallout. She's had infrequent orgasms for the last 4 months compared to the old days. Is it common for the fallout to become worse with less frequency? Or is this something else perhaps?



I wonder

if it's because she had such a tremendous experience with you. Sounded like it was unusual if it's the one you described in your recent blogs. In the past, for me, it was the higher the highs, the lower the lows. And then my cravings for sweets and stuff got worse.

Not sure

I seem to have become even less reactive over time (although I'm still a force to be reckoned with angry ), but I do think that as the harmony builds, any friction becomes more noticeable.

It would be nice to know more. TT's answer makes sense. Remember what Nietzsche said? Perhaps the same might be said of you sexy men. Wink

Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.

Being more stable hormonally

Being more stable hormonally now, and more sensitive, seems to have made my PMS moods WAY more extreme. This time around I spent 8 hours crying, even though I wasn't really giving into the thoughts, knowing full well the source of my mood (PMS hormones). I wouldn't be surprised if her normal state is more balanced, that the O hangover would be more intense.

I get to cuddle with my

I get to cuddle with my daughter, but I could definately use some adult affection. There must be someone out there, I just haven't found them yet. It seems much harder among my peers - they're mostly either married or they're single parents.

Are all the single parents female?

Maybe you could set up a mixed group that exchange foot or other massages on a friendly basis. The benefits seem to arise whether you give or receive, but I do think there's something to a male-female exchange for heterosexual folks.

The problem with single

The problem with single parents is purely logistical...we work, come home, feed our kids, help them do their homework, get them to bed and then, when we finally have a moment to breath and (maybe) want to connect with other adults, we're stuck at each of our separate houses with our kids, so we clean the house up, do whatever other work we have to do, maybe talk to each other on the phone, then crash.