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Thanks for the encouragement from everyone who responded to my post in “couples’ experiences”. This is a new adventure and I guess that is what college is about—our parents may not agree on this one. I really want to try this for my girlfriend, hope it will expand our relationship. When it comes to my girlfriend my younger brother tells me, “Dude you are so pussy whipped.” My response is, “But it is such a nice pussy to be whipped by.”

My roommate is away this weekend so we are having a couple sleepover nights—that will be nice. Maybe make up for lost time this week. It was a bad week on campus, midterms and papers. Not to mention we haven’t been off campus in awhile. The University is big enough that some people never leave—but both of us start to go stir crazy after awhile. It is just nice to get off campus, away from the same people you see every day. Just the two of us, we can go for a day hike or to a shopping area—just as long as it isn’t shoe shopping, God please not shoe shopping. What is it with women and shoes! A hint to women: Unless your guy has a shoe fetish, he doesn’t give a crap which pair of shoes you buy—just make a decision and go with it.

We are sort of burned out on food services here—burned being the appropriate word. After awhile everything tastes the same. The term “al dente” is not in their vocabulary, every vegetable is mush, and my mom says they cook like they are cooking for people in a rest home— no teeth. As a person of Northern Italian heritage I am used to good cooking. So I said tomorrow is “date night”. I will gladly put on some nice clothes and we are going out. One of my professors—a fellow Northern Italian—told me about a good Italian restaurant he likes and is reasonable for college students. We will make it a real date, then come back home and try some Karezza lovemaking.

My honey is already asleep on my bed, her butt is sort of up in the air—it is a really cute butt too. She has had her nap now I am going to go roust her. Probably start with a little nibbling on the ears then proceed to the neck. It’s too early to go to sleep and I don’t want to waste this nice alone time—we can catch up on sleep later. On second thought I’ll probably start with a back rub—that usually moves on to a front rub.


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she, at least, is al dente! Enjoy your adventures and your delicious food.

And trust that whatever happens is part of the learning curve. My sense is that the easiest way to master karezza is to be able to sleep together every night. Since you can't do that, you have a bigger challenge. It's all good.