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Karezza for us has become a journey along an ever-widening, deep road into the great wilderness of the human heart. All I can say is that the past year and a half has been the most incredible journey of my life. At first we just wanted to figure out how to avoid the disconnect between us, now it’s turned into a genuine path of rediscovery about what it means to be fully human, full alive.

Ten years ago we were meditating daily by holding the blades of growing pots of wheatgrass. It’s quite an interesting thing to try, because over time, one can really feel the pulsating waves of energy coming off the newly grown blades of grass. I’d even apply it to my sexual center to absorb the energy as taught by Professor Szekely in his book, “The Tender Touch.” But this practice is tame compared to what it’s like when you begin to feel it with another person. It changes the way you see the world, the way you feel about yourself and everyone around you.

The most significant thing has to do with the energy that we feel when we are hooked together and remain still for an hour or more. During the first year, she felt very little. I enjoyed it a lot, but she struggled from dryness and the pain of penetration. Then she started experimenting with heightened levels of arousal, not to go over the edge, but to awaken her body to being embraced by a man that wasn’t trying to get release.

Eventually, my wife learned to focus entirely on her breasts. Going within herself, she let herself honor her positive pole. Then slowly the whole thing started to finally shift to where we are now. Now, each morning, it’s like we’re both in a form of divine communion. She and I, quiet, focused - her on her breasts, me on the root of the penis. No struggle, no goal, nothing to say, just profoundly present with the “presence”. Now her juices flow and it’s so beautiful.

And every day it seems to deepen even more. The energy isn’t just hers or mine; it’s ours – like one happening. Flowing up and outward, spiraling around the room, almost as if there is a circuit swirling overhead. Her body continues to open and juice and I am so often moved by the power that we generate in this stillness.

I used to feel “cheated” that we weren’t moving and gyrating around like other couples describe. Yet it’s strange, the more I’ve let the stillness overtake me, and the more I focus on the root, the more I experience the movement of the energy. We change positions a lot, but there is no need to generate bodily momentum. I used to be preoccupied with imagining what it would be like to be very wild and passionate in bed, but she has intuitively shown me how much she has to offer when we’re focusing on the stillness.

It’s taken weeks to get to this place where I can really feel the connection between our genitals, the energetic embrace is incredible. My heart is expanding, widening, longing for the time we connect again. When the sun comes up each morning, we greet the new day with a kind of thanksgiving for the divine presence of God’s sexual energy…



wow, how gorgeous is that

it's exquisite is what it is. And very helpful for me in my journey. Thank you Kevin.

A few questions if you don't mind.

It took about a year to get to the point where she was really lubricating? And the breast focus is what did it? Was she averse to breast play before that, or shy about her breasts?

And what did she do to experiment with greater arousal? This is something I've been thinking a lot about but don't have any answers (for my partner.)

going within

She told me that the secret to opening up was that she needed me to hold the space, not have any goals for release. She tried stimulating her breasts, but it did little or nothing to help her open and flow the juices. Rachael suggested she connect with her breast from within herself. And when she did, it slowly began to awaken the rest of her body. Now the silence is truly profound. I don't think it would work for everyone, there has to be a balance between the male and female before it starts to harmonize. I asked her, "how do you focus on your breasts?" She says, "I just place my attention there and talk to my vagina, telling it to welcome and open." Whatever she's doing, it works, I feel bathed by her feminine energy.

i found your post and comment very helpful

Brought a lot of thoughts to the surface that I hadn't really realized were there. I too kind of felt I missed on the "wild sex" angle for instance. Most of all, it shows me another example of the evolution that I am seeing in my relationship and where that go. It's already terrific and I'm excited about where we're going.

Beautiful. We might be

Beautiful. We might be developing karezza exploration literotica without knowing it. Oh well. 

It is interesting how the body can feel flow in stillness. I've not had karezza. In what is perhaps karezza-based dreams, I feel motion and yet, because I can be lucid at times, I'm certain I'm not actually moving. It's a flowing, swirling like motion and energy can be bouncing between the extremities.