(Article) Sexual Dysfunction: The Escalating Price of Abusing Porn

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It's interesting that he mentions that 1 year may be necessary to heal. The part about replaying scenes in your head during a real encounter hit home.

It is important to note that

It is important to note that porn addiction is most often a symptom of underlying emotional and relationship concerns that will require longer-term psychotherapy and support to overcome,

but this psychotherapy and support can be successful only after the presenting behavioral issue has been identified and eliminated.

Is the former part supported by any research that accounted for porn use? The latter part suggests that the former part may not be accurate. Therapists often seem a bit paranoid about being not needed.


well they're not


concerned not to imply that other therapists reading the thing might think he's saying they're not needed. Wink


Yep, they're not needed.