Depression slash negative thinking.

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Did anyone go through negative thinking loss of motivation etc while doing no pmo? I have been like this the last two weeks and it has been draining me. I have to study for an exam for work( my job depends on me passing) and I read half the book and gave up. It's like I don't care anymore about anything. I came home from work today and I've been laying down doing nothing. I skipped a meal also.


I'm going through the same exact thing. Little to no energy and lots of sleeping. I'm still coping with it and I get through the day just telling myself that good things will come from this change. Good luck!

Well, that won't do

Did you try some exercise? What about making a list with lots of little pieces on it and rewarding yourself after each one is achieved? "Read 10 pages= reward" and so forth.

I assume you mean

the "reward" list, not the exercise. But both accomplishment and exercise offer spurts of dopamine...and it's your brain's craving for it that is keeping you in the "blahs."

yea definitely have gone

yea definitely have gone through that. it was times like those when i felt hopeless because i was supposedly on the right path with no PMO, but was feeling worse. Luckily i stuck with it and eventually they started to become less and less. yea do your best to distract yourself, excersising is good.

Yup same here dude...No

Yup same here dude...No energy...No motivation....But dont worry this is because you have hyper stimulated ur ancient reward system...Which was essential for motivation,happiness and energy....Once it get back to normal u ll be alrite!!

Thanks guys.

My parents don't think so. They want me to totally quit and I wanna totally quit also but it's really challenging for
Me. Oh well I'll just take it day by day. It's just when I get same of the same old routi e exercise
Meditation work etc that I wanna break free. I feel like life was so redundant that I wanted to
Not feel mechanical.