Harnessing neuroplasticity?

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Has anyone explored ways to use orgasm, however it might happen to come about, as a way to workout the brain when the brain's a little more flexible?

Do we know how long this flexibility lasts? Or am I inferring a flexibility that isn't really there and is limited to perhaps after the fact molding around the initial stimulus.

I believe your latter

I believe your latter question is the case. The brain should "remold" itself based on pleasure, the pursuit of pleasure and anything that would be used for survival. We hijack that with drugs, porn, orgasm and a lot of other things that our ancestors didn't overdo. I'm sure they had orgasms but they weren't spending all day jerking it. Are you thinking of orgasming to something in particular to "rewire" your brain?

I'm wondering if it's

I'm wondering if it's possible to make better use of orgasms that happen along the way. After trying various options, I'm partial at the moment to not resisting orgasms (porn is another story). Usually, if I let things happen, the lessons come faster and progress is smoother. I guess my brain gets a little whacked about in that journey. Not much I can do about that.

Each brain has one or more leaning curves. Could that curve be shifted by orgasm or shortly thereafter? We might as well figure out how to optimize the system, setting aside for now that optimum may be no orgasm. It may not. We don't really know. Optimal for holding together a partnership may not be optimal when single, for example.

Could one use orgasm as a reward for memorizing Shakespeare, doing some physical feat, etc? Maybe it could even be used in some calculated manner to dump porn.

I guess it's not out of the

I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility. It obviously affects the reward system so in a way it is a reward. We typically use that reward, unfortunately, for bad instead of good. We wire ourselves to push the button and orgasm for the reward instead of earning normal rewards like regular sex, promotions or success at work, good friendships or successful family life. In my personal opinion that is truly the problem. Your dopamine has to go somewhere. If it is spent "searching" for images or using imagination to masturbate then it can't be used to search out other goals. Dopamine isn't pleasure, it is the want of pleasure. The only fault I can see with what you are asking is that the "reward" orgasm, would be what you are seeking to get, not the pleasure of reading Shakespeare. Your brain will easily override the desire to read Shakespeare because it doesn't need it to get pleasure, you'll just masturbate instead.

It may not work for the

It may not work for the reason you noted. Some might argue we're doing everything for evolutionary reasons anyway. Under that model, maybe there is no reward in a real sense for reading Shakespeare. Maybe the brain can be trained to delay gratification enough. It would be an honest, we're-mainly-interested-in-sexual-rewards model.

I'm willing to explore. The other way hasn't yielded much result despite plenty shifting. In various ways, I was more functional before this dopamine rebalancing began. 

I think we're doing

I think we're doing everything for evolutionary reasons and yes, sexual rewards are very important, since it has to do with reproduction of our genes. How do you feel that you were more functional before?

It depends on when exactly

It depends on when exactly before. Maybe other factors in life are coming into play. I was more motivated or at least able to get a lot more done with a lot less effort. I wasn't necessarily doing all that joyously. Sometimes, something done is better done, however it needs to get done. Part of me wants to smack myself for writing that.

So maybe things are more flat now than before. It's hard to tease apart the various issues.