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should one restart the 2 week reboot if one has a wet dream? im practicing with a partner and we are one week into the exchanges and finally on board again really nurturing each other with the bonding behives but last nite i had a wet dream. i dont feel low or anything like i usally do after sex with orgasm. we have had to restart so many times because of sex (usually my fault) i think she will get frustrated if we start over again. i realize this is probably a common question that is asked but i dont have time today to search the site.


Thanks.. also i had a question about the book cpa. the book talks about relaxing your inner guardian however in the exchanges, one person is labeled as "the guardian." i understand how there is freedom in letting down your guard with someone you trust, so what are we guarding in the exchanges? is it simply practice to guard one from falling over the edge?