what do i do about lack of love for things i used to love and what's the remedy for short memory

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hi guys,its been quite a long time since i posted something on this site.I woke up this morning and felt i needed to say something regarding my progress in this reboot process.I will be celebrating 6 months this month since quitting porn with a few masturbation relapses in between.I can surely say its been a long way coming.I have also had a sort of a break up going on behind the scene prior to the start of this reboot.But one thing that i have been suffering from during this reboot process is the lack of love for the things i used to love doing. I don't know if its the reboot process or its the fact that my former love hurt me so much.For example i used to be very passionate about working at my dad's shop but i no longer feel that anymore although i know that that passion is somewhere inside me.Also i see women but i don't feel that rush that i once used to feel whenever i was around a woman i was attracted to although i know that that feeling is inside there but i don't know where.
But one positive habit that i have got from this reboot is the habit of praying and meditating which i have come to appreciate as a source of peace for me.But i have to confess that past images of porn pop up in my mind once in a while but i tend to promptly erase them from my thoughts.
I tend to fret about what could have happened to me if i could continue abusing porn till the once recurring morning woods don't come up once in a while.whats the connection between fretting about such things and morning wood?
Also i tend to suffer from short term memory loss from time to time,how do i handle this?

Thanks and any comments will be appreciated.


Sorry you're not 'just so'

Are you socializing? Developing a meditation practice is great, as long as you also develop your connection with others in a healthy way. Remember, most monks have each other, and often a spiritual leader to adore. Since you're not a monk, you may have to practice rewiring to real people. Did you read this? Tips For Former Fappers

Congratulations on all your progress, even if everything isn't rosy. Did you check out the memory games here? http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/working-memory-training

those are some really great links,marnia!

thanks for your posts marnia, i checked the links that you sent me above and i must say the "tips for former fappers" has some really inspiring stories from other people who have undergone what i have gone through . The stories there have shown me that i can lead a normal life after all this is through. I am trying to get social,hell i work at my dads shop where i get to meet alot of people.Also i am a member of a chess club where i met new people from time to time.
But most importantly,from what i have read from other people's post is that i must find a mate for me to rewire my brain properly and promptly.
Thanks again for your post and i look forward to update you on my future progress!