whoa, brain chemistry, what a lesson

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I've been on a paleo diet and pretty low carb at that. But not ultra low carb and not zero carbs.

Last night we were at a restaurant and I thought, better have a yam or something but they didn't have anything acceptable on the menu. I realized I hadn't eaten any carbs to speak of all day.

Felt weird driving home, had these anxiety thoughts about ED, which is weird because this isn't an issue for me anymore. I thought, this is what the HOCD guys feel like.

I embraced the thought and just went with it.

This morning we had intercourse but I just wasn't into it. I wasn't into anything. Where was that well of good feeling? I was at a complete loss. Just felt awful and wondered where my brain had gone. I was in gray flatline. 

Then it struck me, I was in ketosis and feeling very bad from ultra low carbs. 

I started reloading with carbs -- not a lot but enough. And I am feeling miles better already and the good feelings are starting to return. The world is starting to regain color.

Just another lesson as to how important neurochemicals are...in this case, neurochemicals from 30 or 40g of carbs a day.




today was great

everything back to normal. My feelings for my partner are through the roof again and we had a great time this morning. 

It took about 24 hours to feel normal again though. I just felt really crappy yesterday, the whole day. But after I figured it out, at least I wasn't concerned.


Small world

Funny you should mention paleo. After many years as a vege, several years ago I started eating meat, and really into the weston price stuff. I havent gone cold turkey on no carbs though, its just quietly dwindling. Will keep your warning in mind if it ever dwidles that low. Is there some connection between rebooters and their diets??