Thoughts on Creatine helping with anxiety and a quicker recovery from PMO.

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So it has been awhile since I last posted. A little over 2 weeks ago I relapsed on PMO for the millionth time. With the PMO came the anxiety, lack of focus and diminished confidence like always. I am now currently 15 days free again and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sure, I have a long ways to go but it is much easier to focus on my goals when I am not feeling so down and despressed from a recent PMO excursion.

Anyways, about a week ago I started taking Micronized Creatine to help with my muscle gains as well as my cardio endurance. Anybody who has followed up on my posts from the last 19 months knows that I have came a long way since giving up PMO. I gave up a 10 year habit of smoking weed and cigs and changed my eating habits. I went from having an average body to being in the best shape ever. I literally dropped my body weight down to about 8% while adding on quite a bit of muscle mass. After doing thorough research on creatine I decided to take the dive to get into even better shape.

After conducting the research I have found that not only does Creatine help the body heal faster, but it potentially can help the mind heal faster. There has been several studies done by along with other scientific agencies that suggests Creatine actually will increase your fluid intelligence by a significant margin in vegetarians (who in general, have low levels of Creatine). Further studies shows that Creatine slightly changes the way dopamine and seratonin bind with their receptors. Along with these changes in the brain, Creatine also thickens the plasma in our blood which generally has a positive impact on brain activity. They found that these changes in the brain can not only elevate mood and increase intelligence/memory, have been shown to "heal" or "adjust" the brain in a way that seems to slow the effects of diseases such as Parkinsons and Altheimerz. They say that higher levels of creatine can actually allow people to recover from brain traumas such as bad car accidents, drug abuse and even bruising hits NFL players take over the years.

In conclusion, creatine may or may not help with my PMO addiction and anxiety... but it is worth a shot.

P.S. - Today I went to my grandma's house to wash her car and while doing so, I decided to hide my K-9 password in her garage light fixture. Haha. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I hid my K-9 password in my own garage that I easily had access too, which obviously did not work out too well.



Creatine monohydrate is the worst creatine you can buy. It causes bloating and you have to dose it higher for it to absorb. Creatine gluconate, dicreatine maleate, and creatine ethyl ester are far superior.

-doctor music

Maybe you guys know the answers to my questions

I am a female who three years ago also gave up alot of bad habits, I had a very high level of anxiety, social anxiety and some depression. I changed to a fruitarian diet, some fasting and herbal detox programs introduced supplements and vitamins. I was not really overweight to begin with but I lost alot of weight (people often said I looked underweight but that's probably because most people are so overweight they don't know what skinny is) which made me feel good then I started yoga which works it's own magic and focused on toning. I now do weights and body combat classes also.

I had high levels of creatinine in my urine and when I did some research I was a little worried as the main cause seemed to be kidneys not working at their best, didn't worry too much as I never felt so good in my whole life.

Is it possible my creatinine level was high because of my body detox or because of the increase of muscle mass or even exercisingnthe muscles?

I have been taking creatine for four months but never had a urine test since to see creatinine level. Since I started taking creatine I feel even better than before in many ways, I thought it may have been a bad idea because it would most likely increase my creatinine. I have read much about it all but can only understand some of it so I decided to take a chance and try the creatine without worrying and I am glad I did. Is it possible that I have it wrong and am doing myself harm? I do understand that creatinine is formed by anhydration of creatine. Please help with some feedback about this.

What type of creatine are you

What type of creatine are you taking? If not CEE, diCM, CG (see comment above) and youre just taking CMono, you will produce more by-product. If this is the case you should switch to a superior form of creatine. You can dose it less and absorb more. Also you have to drink 1-3 gallons of water a day while on creatine and make sure to cycle off. Or you can just consume more arginine in your diet, which is a precursor to creatine and nitric oxide to boot. I am getting my doctorates in medicine right now btw.

Well I am by no means a

Well I am by no means a doctor so take this for what its worth. Your natural creatine levels could have been higher then normal because you have a lot of red-meat in your diet? They say 4 pounds of red meat a day is the equivalent to a normal dosasge of Creatine supplment.

As for the negetive long term effects of creatine? Most doctors would say that it has not been studied enough and long term effects are unknown to some extent. But I personally believe the risks out way the rewards.

As for Creatine Monohydrate being the worse of the bunch? It is possible. A friend of mine (who is a PE teacher) is the one who recommended this specific product/brand and I can definitely say he is having some impressive results.

If your still concerned I would suggest calling your doctor and asking if high creatine levels are really a bad thing. Good luck!

I don't know if creatine can

I don't know if creatine can help you recover from PMO, but I feel like creatine is one of the cause for my ED. I never had ED problem all my life. I haven't had sex for about a year before my ED problem. My sex life before that was normal. No ED problem or anything. Ever since I started taken NO Explode 2.0 (creatine) for about four months, I found out that I had a ED problem when I was atttempting to have sex with my new girlfriend. I have been PMO for about 22 years now and have been using a prone position. As of right now, I am on 72 days without PMO.