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This year is finally over—academic year anyway. This is the latest in my 15 years of school (counting kindergarten) that the school year ever ended. The university decided to do a double “intersession” between winter and spring, really bad idea. Everything just seemed to be out of sync after spring break. My girlfriend and I went home for spring break—which was later than normal—and we saw a friend from high school. He goes to BYU and was already out for the year.

Haven’t had much chance to blog with all labs, papers, tests, etc. Have a few things to update. This post is just to update our situation—I say OUR situation because it really is my girlfriend and me together now. During the summer so many people graduate, go on summer programs somewhere else or just move home that the University barely has enough people to keep the dorms open. If only one roommate stays the summer they let you keep your same room as a single in the dorms. Since my roommate is going home for the summer, my girlfriend will just move in here with me. My girlfriend’s roommate is staying the summer; they both have jobs lined up, her roommate will keep their old room alone. It should work out good for everybody. My roommate is happy he can leave a bunch of stuff in my girlfriend’s dorm room and not have to cart it home and then back here in the fall. This is a test for us moving in together off campus the following year.

The only problem with our living accommodations—I have heard complaining already—is this is an all guys floor. My girlfriend has to go up to the next floor, which is a girl’s floor, to use the showers. She does that anyway—along with a bunch of other girls—when she spends the night and wants to get cleaned up. I told her I was sure none of the guys on the floor would mind her using the showers with them. She just gave me “the look.”

Friday (tomorrow) I start an internship. A paid internship no less, yes oh yes I am very happy about the paid part. A local engineering design firm needed someone to do some engineering cleanup work, mostly converting old hand drawings to CAD drawings. I am very thankful that I took as many electronic drafting classes as I could. Between high school and college I even took two classes at a local junior college at home. Tomorrow they probably just show me where the bathroom is—actually wanted me to see how their CAD system is setup. Next week is kind of screwy with July 4th on Wednesday. Guess starting tomorrow and then next week actually gives me a complete week.

My girlfriend’s job doesn’t start for a couple weeks; she is working as sort of a camp counselor for a cheerleading camp they hold on campus. It is an outside company that rents one of the smaller dorm buildings on the other side of campus. It is the oldest of the girls dorms, the regular students in there are happy to move over to one of the newer dorms—usually freshmen that get stuck in that dorm anyway. She told me that she was finally making money from being a cheerleader—other than her work at the strip club! Ok before everyone freaks, that is just a joke we have—the only one she has every stripped for is me.

She has a book that the company sent her—things she can and can’t do along with cheers and exercises she should know. Our high school sent the cheerleaders to a cheerleading camp between freshman and senior years so she has been like 3 times. (It was a different camp than this one.) I told her how hard can it be? Besides getting “the look” again she said she wasn’t worried about the cheers it was the cheerleaders that she worried about. I told her, “What, they are high school girls.” She looked at me shook her head and said “You never went to cheer camp! Teenage girls get weird away from home.” I hope she is worrying for nothing.

I’ll post how the job and move in goes. My girlfriend moves in tomorrow while I am at work—yes I did plan that well.



well that's excellent

it's wonderful to try things out and experience new things. This works out well for you -- it's a summer not a lifetime commitment.

Just pursue as much bonding as you can -- an hour or more a day of cudding and snuggling does wonders in your entire rest of your life and in eliminating the desire to watch porn and masturbate (not sure you had a problem in this area actually.)

Great way to get Karezza practice sessions going!

Glad you have this internship too -- good going!


Not Really Porn People

Just got back from first day of work a little while ago, my girlfriend has already rearranged our room. She said we need to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond (apparently a store for sheets) tonight to get new sheets so I have to hurry.

We aren’t really porn sort of people. My roommate got a couple of porn movies last year and my girlfriend and I watched them. These were about the stupidest and grossest things either of us have ever seen, we just started cracking up watching them. The “actors” and I say that loosely, had some of the most bizarre facial expressions I have ever seen—not just when they were cumming either. The women were just nasty looking and the guys were creepy. I have read about porn addiction on the site; really if you want to break that addiction just watch these movies. Fortunately I don’t remember the names of the movies—I have tried to eliminate the memory from my mind.

I am not a prude or anything and maybe there are better porn movies, but I think for us sex is more of a participation sport than a spectator’s sport.

Things are flowing

Sounds wonderful. Makes me wish i was young all over again, ah what id do differently. To be starting out with the knowledge of how to love and stay in love, its something id wish on everybody if i could have one wish.

I know, as i said before, that the two of you are well full of hormones, but just see if you can try connecting penis and vagina and just laying still for as long as you can, not moving at all. Get comfortable, just breath and look into each others eyes and see what happens. We tried this on sunday and its literally a whole other world. And a magic one. Hours just vanish before your very eyes! If you have any fear at all, this method pretty much guarantees that youll get to find about it, and it will start to resolve, just in the stillness. I didnt get it before, but this will blow you mind away.

Then once you are fearless, who knows, the world is yours. Thats probably just as well, because the world needs young people with vitality and without fear, now more than ever.

i agree with you and I don't

Treehouse, we could live to 120 in this day and age or even longer. I wouldn't think anyone is too old for anything here LOL.

That's what is so exciting about life today. There are possibilities never envisioned in the history of the world and here we are -- plunk -- in the middle of it!