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OK little update here folks. So I had a great date last night. She's pretty, funny, super intelligent (Mensa member) and we have a lot of similar beliefs and views and interests. We saw a movie which was kind of a bust, but the conversation after was great. We saw a movie at 7 and I didn't get home til 1245. Lots of good conversation. I'm getting better at showing interest and flirting also. I think we both wanted a kiss at the end of the night but neither of us was ready.

I did mo early in the morning when I couldn't sleep and again about an hour ago, but can already feel a stirring when thinking about kissing her.

So, still no porn, did no twice but I don't feel like its setting me back, however I'm going to try not to again for at least a week. Also I'm changing my diet again back to what it was when I was having better strength.


Yep, and I even noticed

Yep, and I even noticed another thing. When I got back home today and same she had messaged me while I was out and forgot my phone about maybe getting dinner tonight, I started to get excited and even get a little wood. I really am interested in her more than just sexually and I feel like our personalities have this great connection. Actually, having that strong connection of personalities and values makes my physical attraction even greater.

I'm happy for you

But a bit of insomnia is better than destabilizing your energy while you're still recovering your balance.

One reason is that it can adversely affect your judgment and then you may do something reckless prematurely. Let the romance build. You can make up for lost time later.