Day 7

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So it's been one week today since I have masturbated or used porn, I feel good! I feel as if a cloud is starting to fade from my brain and I see and feel things much more clearly, rather than that dull lingering buzz of porn hangover. I have had some small urges to masturbate and look at porn, but surprisingly, nothing that has been stronger than my will to re-boot. I have dedicated myself to 6 weeks with no masturbation or porn use, within that time, I would like to find a girl that I can connect with and that I can explore these new found emotions and love, respect, praise, and spiritually connect with her as well as myself. I am still not use to the terminology yet when I read others blog posts. Is there a site I can go to that will explain what "PMO" and things like that mean...?

Rock on!


you really are an impressive guy

You have great resolve to get rid of the porn problem and have a great life you deserve.

Welcome and keep posting here!

PMO is Porn / Masturbation / Orgasm, or masturbating to orgasm using porn, basically.

MO = masturbating to orgasm but not using porn to do so.

ED = Erectile Dysfunction

PE = Premature Ejaculation


great job! that first week

great job! that first week can be really shaky, so glad to see you got through it. watch out for those urges, they seem to come in weekly cycles for me. maybe it has to do with all the extra time on the weekends, keep yourself occupied!

Stay Strong!