my advice on how to stop wet dreams

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Hello, everyone!

Before I was introduced to sacred sex, lucid dreaming / astral projection was my "out there" obsession. This was back in the 8th grade... why would an 8th grader want to hace lucid dreams and out of body experiences?

Really intense wet dreams, thats why!

Haha, nothing is quite as motivating to an adolescent boy as his libido.

Those days have given me a lot of dream control and dream mastery (not on the level of a guru, but still!) and I can say that wet dreams (especially in the excess that I was having them) can cause lots of problems, very similar to the ones caused by masturbation.

How can they (wet dreams) be stopped? Well, if you become lucid in a wet dream... you can just yell STOP! and the dream will stop, and you will wake up without any loss of sperm (depending on how far into the dream you where)

Other tips are sleeping naked and on your back (pressure against the penis = more likely to have wet dreams). Avoid thinking arousing thoughts before bed and looking at pornographic material too, obviously.

Any of the solo sacred sex practices like the "Ham-Sah" pranayama taught by Samael Aun Weor will not only decrease the likelyhood of wet dreams but also lead to more vivid dreams in general...

If any of you on here also know how to lucid dream... practice the ham-sah pranayama in the dream state... absolutely incredible experience!!!!