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Now I know wet dreams are not relapses, they are natural. The first few times I had wet dreams during a reboot, I relapsed into porn. This time, I am not going to do that. However, I can't help but feel this is kind of the same as a relapse into porn. Because this dream was not a sex dream, it was actually a dream of me watching a couple porn videos and masturbating to an eventual orgasm, which was when I woke up. Is this really any different than a relapse into porn?

Yes, it's different

because it's beyond your control Biggrin Just think of wet dreams as normal events. It's not easy to slow things down...and especially at your age. Wet dreams can be your body's way of making sure it knows how to ejaculate in a healthy way.

As for the content of your dreams, many guys here report that the content shifts as they stay away from porn. It makes sense that your brain runs with what it has "stored in your memory banks," but as you stay away from porn, it'll probably shift to other things you find hot...such as real girls.

Are you exercising a lot? You need a pressure valve at your age!! Hopefully you'll be back to normal soon and can find a masturbation-to-sensual-touch-only schedule that works for you.

Meanwhile, don't tie yourself in knots. Any girls with potential for some kissing and snuggling? That can be very soothing.

Here's an FAQ on wet dreams...for what it's worth. What about wet dreams? They do cause a chaser in some people. See Do You Need a Chaser after Sex?

Let us know what you notice. Usually wet dream frequency settles down quite a bit after a while...but you're awfully young and I don't want you fighting yourself. The only thing you really want to do is unhook from Internet porn in favor of contact with real potential partners. Your ancestors' brains didn't have any porn, and your brain probably isn't set up for that kind of constant, extreme novelty.

Yes it's very different.

Relapsing to porn is something you do while wide awake and have lowered your defenses against the compulsion and finally given in. Getting through wet dreams is part of the overall transition away from that life and toward a new one. Like you I relapsed to porn or just masturbated after early wet dreams because I rationalized I deserved to be awake and enjoy it! That's the kind of thinking that kept me tied to PMO for so long.

As you go through this change you will see these things are normal. Something that I have noticed in my life is that if I go a long time without an orgasm it gets easier, in the waking hours, then a little more difficult while asleep. The mind still wants what it wants. Also, if I'm stressed out or out of kilter while awake and not engaging in PMO, I've noticed I will more likely have a wet dream. That's just me though so I don't know if anyone else experienced that, but for me that represents a new level of awareness about my body and health.

I never thought I could figure out a how not to have a wet dream, and it really can't be done, but I can stack the odds in my favor by not overdoing it on anything and maintaining an even keel. That's a tall order for me! I like to get involved and do a lot of things...then I get stressed out. I'm a slacker who became a workaholic who is now trying to rein in some of the "excessiveness" in my personality.

I always interpreted a wet

I always interpreted a wet dream as a sign that you're getting healthier, regardless of the dream's content. Think about it, how many wet dreams did you get when you were full-on engaging in PMO? Probably none. In the past, it's often led to relapse for me because I think my body is ready enough for masturbation, when it probably isn't, and after that it's just a slippery slope back to relapse.

I just had a wet dream about a week ago, and I'm over 60 days into no PMO. This time though I'm not going to "test the waters" until I'm at least 100 days or more into no PMO.