Our First Weekend of the Move In

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Wow, we thought we were busy during school. I love my internship but work really screws up you schedule. I started to write this blog entry on how the move in went and our Karezza experiences. I started this, got interrupted, etc. thought maybe should post it before any more time goes by. Most of this is about our moving in together. We are still enjoying it. It is different than we thought—at least for me it is. Wonder what other people thought when they first moved in together.

My first day of the internship went well. I got settled in at work. Saw what I would be doing during the internship, mostly updating drawings, making corrections that are marked; from an engineering standpoint sort of like “engineering KP duty”. But it is still interesting since I have never done anything like this before.

I got back to “our” dorm room, keep starting to say “my” dorm room and have to change it. When I left for work my old roommate was getting ready to pack his car and take off for the summer. He was waiting for my girlfriend to come by so he could store some stuff he didn’t want to take home in her old room since her roommate is staying the summer. I told him it was “exchanging of the crap.”

The room looked entirely different; the two single beds were moved and pushed together, making one large “California King” as my girlfriend called. I told her it looked more like a passion pit, she told me to keep my pants on we had other stuff to do. The desks were rearranged, bookcases moved; in fact nothing was where it started that morning. I told her she had been busy, but how did she move all the stuff, especially the beds. She said that was really the easiest to move. Around noon she went out by the pool between the dorms and lay out in the sun, prime tanning time. She started talking to a couple of guys from our dorm that were there and told them she needed to get back and move “her” bed. I guess the guys couldn’t move fast enough to get to the room to help her. Hot girl in a bikini bending over, yes we do think with our little heads.

Because graduation was Friday, the dining hall was closed except for graduation related stuff. So I brought home takeout. Traffic and parking was a real mess because of graduation related activities. I had hoped to stay in and just hang out with my girlfriend and some other friends that are staying the summer. I was given other orders; we were going to Bed, Bath and Beyond after dinner. I had never heard of the place, it turned out to be a chain store of bedroom, bathroom, and dish stuff. Not my idea of a fun Friday night. It is a great place for people with vaginas; people with penises, not so much. Every guy that was in there was either with his significant other (wife or girlfriend) or was gay. Actually some of the gay guys were with their significant other also. This was starting to look worse than shoe shopping.

We drove down to the mall and found the store. My girlfriend was really happy, of course she was it involved shopping. She put her arm through mine as we walked across the parking lot into the store; she said she couldn’t believe we finally had a place together even if it was just for this summer. Next year we could make it permanent, but in a regular apartment off campus she said. I am not commitment phobic, well maybe just a little, and I love her and she is so great—but going household stuff shopping and the word permanent had me a little dizzy. I never bought a sheet before in my life. When I went to away to college my mom gave me a box with sheets, towels, etc. I had absolutely no idea where they came from, now I know. Thread counts, size, color, pattern, my girlfriend rattled them off one after the next. What do I think; whatever you want babe. She holds up a very frilly, girly, patterned something or other sheet. I look at her, “why don’t you just cut my balls off right now.” Well I guess I had an opinion after all. We settled on a green on green muted pattern in something or other green—I didn’t know any of that until she told me but it was better than the froufrou one. Then she went through the store picking out a few other things to make the bed. We went to the cash register, holy crap is that stuff expensive when you get a this and a that. It went on my credit card; I was going to have a really hard time explaining that charge if I put it on the card my parents got the bill for that I used for school expenses. Neither set of parents knew of our new living situation and we planned on keeping it that way.

We were walking back to the car, my girlfriend was happy and excited—so was I even after I figured out I had been played. None of her sheets were ever as girly as the ones she first picked up—just not her style. The green on green whatever it was however, that was her style. Well I guess now it is “our” style. When we got to the car, I pulled her over to me and kissed her. She held the kiss as I slipped her some tongue. She said, “I am not complaining, but what was that for?” I told her just because, and that she did a good job arranging the room and picking out the sheets. She smiled back at me, happy that I approved and appreciated her work on the room.

When we got back to the dorm my girlfriend started instructing me on putting this filler piece in place and the topping over the mattresses, then the mattress cover, then the sheets, and then finally the blanket. She told me I took orders well. Living in separate rooms we never did any “domestic chores” together before. We went shopping and made up the bed—a whole new side of the relationship.

Once we were done I told her there was something else we needed to do. She looked at me with a questioning look; I reached in back of her and grabbed a butt cheek in each hand lifting her up and towards me. She squealed as I lifted her, we were now nose to nose; I kissed her and said, “We need to christen the new bed.” I kissed her and squeezed her butt good and sort of rolled her back onto the bed with me on top of her. She was giggling, I was groping, and we were both kissing and removing clothing. Sex may be the most fun you can have without laughing, but you can still laugh during sex. We sort of fell into a rubbing and making out routine. Slow and relaxed, smiling and working her breasts we were bringing up the heat a bit. We made out, took a little cooling off time when it was too hot and told each other how much we loved the other. We were sort of resting and my girlfriend got a mischievous smile and “went south of the border”. I didn’t realize what she was going to do until she had me in her mouth. I told her she was getting me too close to the edge. She said not to worry, that she was already at the edge and our breaks hadn’t cooled her off much. My girlfriend told me that I seem to cool off faster than she does when we back off the heat. I was on my back and she moved up and straddled me, grabbed me and slide down on me, I went right in. No question she was ready to go. She told me she needed to orgasm; she was just too worked up. She wasn’t gentle about it either, she was really worked up. I can tell pretty easily when she starts to orgasm, she bears down and I can see it in her face. After she started with her orgasm it was like she just kept going. At first I thought I could hold out but there was no way, I just shot my load. Afterward we were done; we both were out of breath and soaked. The evening was great; it was a mix of Karezza and regular sex. I think maybe it was all of the emotions of just moving in together and with me the internship—it certainly wasn’t planned but we seem to just need that relief this time.

My girlfriend had her head on my shoulder and lay atop of me. She started to run her hand up my chest through my chest hair, she began circling my nipples. We resumed our kissing and fell back into a slow gentle intercourse. I was fully hard again once we really started going. This time neither one of us had to finish with an orgasm but we did get going pretty well. After awhile we just held each other and drifted off to sleep.

When we finally woke up it was almost 10am. We lay in bed for about another hour just cuddling and talking. We were both really happy. I felt this feeling of real love for my girlfriend even more than before—it was just a perfect connection that we have. I started tickling her and swatted her on the butt, just goofing around. She was giggling and squealing; she tried to tickle me back. We finally decided we better get cleaned up—she said she was messy from last night. Then I heard the complaining about having to go upstairs to the girls’ floor. I told her she could join me in the guys’ shower—she said something about “in your dreams.”

After we were cleaned up and got dressed we figured it was time for lunch. Since all of Food Services was still closed down after the graduation stuff we decided to go to the mall to a deli for lunch. I have to be crazy in love, I voluntarily took my girlfriend to a place where shopping occurs—two days in a row. We spent most of the afternoon there. Our only purchases besides lunch were some thongs for her—which I had to wait for her to model later—and ice cream before we left. We went back to the dorm and hung out with friends most of the evening. Four other couples we know joined us in the dorm rec room and we ordered pizza for dinner later—a little summer impromptu party. Later we went to bed and had a slow fooling around session; nothing to hot we kept it totally on the Karezza level. A lot of bonding too, we talked about the day and stuff—it was all really great. We were holding each other finally and went to sleep.

Sunday was a real lazy day; we lay out by the pool, read, and mostly just goofed off. I discovered how bad of a trash magazine habit my girl friend has. She read a whole stack of “People”, “Us” and some other celebrity magazine I never even heard of—she said that was her only vice. I told her I could probably find a couple other vices of hers. After dinner we watched a movie, laying on our bed. The campus center has a “Red Box” machine there. We watched “Unknown”, with Liam Neeson. It was really good, typical Liam Neeson thriller, like “Taken”. Found out just how much of thing she has for Liam Neeson—said he is the one guy she would leave me for. I asked her if she realized he was like 60; she said it didn’t matter, he was “super hot”. We went to bed a little early so we could have a nice slow Karezza session. When we were getting started she closed her eyes and said to me “Oh Liam, you are so hot tonight!” She started giggling and said “Oh I am sorry, did I say that out loud?” Ok, besides being pretty darn hot herself, she can be pretty funny at times. Let’s just say we had a pretty fun night even without any orgasms.

Monday it will be back to work.