I have FOUR Weeks... Do I have any chance?

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Okay this is the situation, in just four weeks I am jetting off with my friends to the lovely Magaluf (Ironically and aptly nicknamed - Shagaluf), and despite trying for a while now I am STILL addicted.

This is the first time I've totally admitted to myself I do have a full on addiction.

If you've read my last blog you will know that I do not just have an addiction to Porn, I am heavily addicted to BDSM, many fetishes etc.

During my rare periods of abstinence I have indeed found myself turned on by the thought of straight sex with a woman!!

So enough babbling, my worry is this, if I 'Pull' in Magaluf, and again cannot get an erection it will be a nightmare!

I know this isn't an easy question to answer, but what I really need is a bit of a 'quick fix', to give me the best chance of success on holidays, if i relapse afterwards that is okay, I know it's a long, hard road - but I can sort that out on my return.

If you need any more info in order to help, read the previous blog or ask away and I'll answer soon as I can!

Once again



Do you have a crystal ball??

Everyone's recovery is a bit different. You may be lucky...and ready to roll by then. You may not.

My suggestion is that you make up your mind NOW that if you aren't ready...it's no big deal. If someone breaks a leg and doesn't completely heal in 4 weeks, he just accepts he needs longer because the physical healing isn't yet complete. Same with you. Your brain will return to balance in its own sweet time, and you "can't push the river."

It would be ideal if you could spend some time with a potential partner before trying to perform immediately. You know...some flirting, dancing, cuddling? That should give you a reading on Mr. Happy's mood. Try not to put sexual performance pressure on yourself. A girl can enjoy time with you (and vice versa) without porn-style banging. Trust me.

Some guys cheat with a bit of viagra or cialis, but it's ideal if you can let your brain reboot naturally.

Let us know how it goes.

Got rid of temptation.. finally!

Thanks Marnia, I knew when I wrote it that it wouldn't be an easily answered question but just thought it was worth a try!!l

I have now disconnected my internet from the laptop so hopefully that should help me not to relapse!