Sexual Abundance & Healing - Sleeping with Penis in Vagina

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After a 2 1/2 year absence, I am back with a very lovely wife of 3 1/2 months, and we

are both happier than we have ever been. Prior to this, we had a wonderful 2 year

relationship filled with an abundance of non-sexual touch, although we reserved any

sexual activity for our marriage. Cupid's Poisoned Arrow opened our minds to the

amazing power of touch and bonding behaviors, and gave us the confidence that we

could build a life together without the usual pitfalls found in common sex.

With the exception of one or two nights since our wedding (and her being out of town for

a week after 12 weeks), we have fallen asleep every night joined together in the scissors

position. Usually, after between 2-3 hours, I think we are both so deeply relaxed that our

bodies just kind of roll apart without either of us waking up. Once in a while, one of us will

wake up and see what time it is (so we have some idea of how long we stay joined

together). Much of the time, when one or both of us awake early in the morning no longer

with PIV, we are touching limbs. So it seems that we often unconsciously reach out to

maintain touch with each other even while we're asleep. (relaxation and polarity maybe?)

A time or two, we have slept joined together for 4-5 hours before we woke up. Recently,

we talked over whether we wanted to attempt rejoining in the middle of the night if one of

us woke up, and we decided to give it a try. A few nights ago, I awoke about 2:30am, I

woke her, we rejoined soft entry (the lamp was on for 30 seconds or less), and we

immediately fell back asleep until I awoke at 5am. Half awake, I had a nice erection, and

even the tiniest of movements in her vagina were exquisite. She awoke to my very slow,

gentle movements with periods of stillness, and we had a beautiful interlude of 30 to 45


Many mornings we awake well-rested a half hour or more before the alarm clock, and

have a nice space of time for conscious, gentle lovemaking that always sets the tone for

the whole day. This morning we were more sleepy than usual, but we still spent a few

minutes chest to chest, and then 10-15 minutes of PIV. We have missed only a couple of

days (and her week out of town) without at least 10 minutes of PIV to start the day.

Most of my entries have been soft, but as I continue to heal sexually, I am waking up

more frequently with an erection , or I'm becoming erect shortly after entry. Soft entry is

very easy for me when she parts her labia. Either way, whether erect entry or soft entry,

walnut oil is our friend !! Soft entry with walnut oil is great because we are often very tired

when we go to bed, and we can "plug in" without even a thought or worry about me having

an erection or her being lubricated.

For comfort, we fold a pillow in half and place it behind me for her to rest her feet on (so

the full weight of her legs is not resting on my stomach or side while we're in the scissors

position). She always lays with her back flat on the bed (because she probably couldn't

sleep otherwise) and I turn my body to fit with hers. Use whatever pillows or props that

you need. Get as comfortable as you possibly can if you plan to fall asleep with PIV.

One day we went straight to the bedroom when I got home from work, got naked, and

reviewed our day with each other as we lay very relaxed and joined together in scissors.

One afternoon on a weekend we joined together scissors and read a spiritual book

together for an hour or more. We have a deep reverence for our lovemaking, but, at the

same time, we feel completely comfortable and at home in our bodies while making love.

We have settled into a personal pattern that works very well for us, while we remain open

to any adjustments we may see that we need as we continue to heal and respond to

each other's opposite sexual polarity. We now have a sexual abundance that works very

well for us without any of the common time crunch problems of fitting frequent lovemaking and

sexual healing into our busy daily schedules.



How lovely

How lovely to start a relationship with karezza, and not have a whole baggage cart of the other stuff hanging around. Youre relationship sounds just lovely, and i look forward to hearing more of your experiences.

We also do our best work asleep. I dont know if thats a beginners thing or what.