Day 46

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Today is day 46 of my new try to let go of the PM habit. So far it goes quite good although I had a fall back the day before yesterday. Till then I had only masturbted 3 times, but without porn which makes a huge difference (The only reason I did it was because I didn't have sex with my girlfriend for a while due to us being seprated). When I only focus on the sensations without indulging in mental fantasy's it feels much more like a wholesome experience and I feel it was good to let go of the excess energy. Hopefully in time I will get used to having more energy and won't need any masturbation at all.

For contrast, two days ago I fell for the lure of porn, and watched it and masturbated to it. It felt much less good, and since then I feel a much stronger pull to watch it again. It is quite disturbing. I guess I can see the re-addicting effect of it in clear view now. I keep telling myself:"Do I want to enjoy the sex of others and feel frustrated by the things I cannot have or do I fully want to enjoy my own sexuality?" That seems to help swaying the arument in my head.

Anyway, so far so good. With ups and downs, but I feel I'm on my way to healing my sexuality.


Good insight

It's normal for one slip to lead to a binge. Those cravings afterward probably have to do with a combo of addiction + the neurochemical changes after orgasm itself. They have been observed for thousands of years. For more: Do You Need A Chaser After Sex?

It's tough to know when it's your real libido talking and when it's just an addiction-related craving, because your brain will always rationalize that it is the former. Wink One way to learn the difference is to watch whether you need more and more afterward. That's a signal that you didn't really need the orgasm in the first place...even though it really felt like it.

Guys who get back in balance report that masturbation becomes more satisfying and doesn't kick off such an intense chaser.

Good job keeping it together despite the intense cravings.