Karezza Revealed

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My sweetie started asking questions last night that led into a short discussion about Karezza. I told her I had been taking a fresh look at it and found it has been working well for me and that I think it will be a great way for us to sustain a long-term physical relationship. I let her know I was initially worried that not having orgasms frequently would make me keyed up, but instead, I have felt calmer and been sleeping really well.

She said that all sounded good to her and we went on to have an amazing evening of cuddling and light sensual touching as we went through our normal routine of sharing a meal, watching a movie, etc. There was a stronger-than-normal attraction as an undercurrent that was so fulfilling. I've never felt so close to anyone for such an extended period.

Today is an unabated continuation of the same yummy feelings. This is way better than the normal post-orgasm crash(es)!



Either she's a very wise woman

or you're a masterful salesman!

The benefits are delicious, but they are hard for people to see because you have to be consistent with them for a while to compare. And that can be a tough sell. Sounds like you two are getting a good taste of 'em.

Natural Fit

I think it's more that we're a natural fit for Karezza :) There's something about it on a deep, subtle level that clicks for us.

It took me a while to fully get it because I was so "sold" that happiness was derived from plentiful orgasms. I was raised in a very liberal home in the 1960's and 1970's and that's all I ever heard or read with the exception of some fundamentalist religious rantings that I filtered out.

I think Karezza has been a relief for her. Her first marriage broke up over sex and his revelations of affairs came as an awful shock and life blow. I could tell she was somewhat dutiful about having sex with me once the initial thrill started to cool. She's very sweet and appropriately open so I don't want to imply there was anything wrong sexually other than our being overly-focused on stimulation leading to orgasm -- which we thought was the "normal" way to have sex. Now we're both savoring all aspects of our physical relationship, including our more sexual encounters, and there's certainly no sense of duty involved.


You're so right. It's very healing for me too. We've discussed how this deep connection also gives us a deep sense of protection and safety.