Directions from the Boat to the Pilot

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We just finished exchange 5 last night. Hahahaha, Marnia's words are right on, with perfect timing. She talks about the woman desiring a pilot to guide her. But, instead, the woman is often reduced to the role of police officer. She needs to be able to trust the pilot in order to be most receptive to him.

Well, I haven't been a very good pilot. I'm more like the hungry dog, She enjoys touch as long as it is not excitable, whereas to me ANY touch is excitable and I am just fine with that. LOL

So, what to do? I decided I needed her to help me navigate away from the dangerous waters of excitability. I'm pretty dense sometimes, but I'm not ashamed to admit that. I wanted to find the areas of her body that represented nonsexual, as opposed to sexual, touch. So, last night I asked her all these silly questions. Her responses follow my questions:

Is touching and stroking OK? Touching is better. Stroking is OK too, up to a point.
How about your leg? Yes, at least some parts.
How about the outside of the thigh? Yes
How about the inside? Uh, NO.
But I like that part the best! Sorry, but the answer is still NO. Smile
OK, what about your neck? How far down? Not past the collar bone.

There were a few more questions from this directionally challenged wannabe pilot to his boat. After this, we both settled for cradling each other's head and torso for a few moments. Then for a few more minutes we spooned, both of us with clothes on, of course, and I with my left hand placed at her abdomen (not lower or higher), and my right hand stroking her head and running my fingers through her hair. She can't allow me to sleep with her in that position, at least not yet. But those few moments nestled together like that felt good.

After a while we separated. She fell asleep, while I silently contemplated this map in front of me. I really, really love those dangerous waters, but I will have to wait a while before I can navigate them.

Maybe I will make a good pilot after all.




The cravings

Its more and more clear to me that the cravings come from orgasms. The longer i go away from my last orgasm the more neutrally i look at and touch her. It gets easier, rev, but before that it gets harder. where did you hear that before?!