Day 32: strong anxiety

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Hi there, this is day 32, i'm at my work place and found some time to write down what's going on.
Today I woke up with strong anxiety and bad cravings. The cravings are not for porn but i feel it is the urge to have an orgasm in order to ease the anxiety.
I'm going to accept the anxiety and keep my abstinence. This is when I can clearly recognize i have an issue, normal people does not ejaculate for compulsion but for pleasure. I have to fix this.


yes I second what marnia

yes is second what marnia says. im on day 100something

the mood swings used to last me 2-3 days at a time.

it went down to one day.

then 1/2 a day

now its like an hour or two and it goes away and much more spaced out.

good luck bro!

dont choke the chicken!