DAY 6 (Actually more) - LOVING LIFE! - Grateful

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Firstly, I would like to announce with finality that I started Recovery SEPT 1 (easier to remember) when it is almost 3 weeks!

As everyone notice on my entry I called it LOVING LIFE! -Gratitude

As I undergo my Recovery to a better me, I have learned a few tricks the past few days that I wasn't able to log-in and blog, that I immediately tried it to see if my steps work!
Step 2: Counting My Blessings and being Grateful for them

that's the 2 steps I have to share today since I have not gone to step 3 yet!

OPTIMISM - I announced a few days if not a week back, that OPTIMISM is the Key to Recovery! Why I say so, being able to be positive amid trials, and looking on a brighter side, lessens our chances of getting anxious! Because anxiety comes from negative thinking and insecurities. When we think and feel positive, solutions to our problems are right in front of us, and are on a clearer view!
How to be Positive?
Start your day with a SMILE! I know sometimes you find it silly to smile at oneself. But a smile, and a positive day, will really change your entire day. To be positive, you can sense that everything around you will feel positive too. You get lucky, or not yelled at, or whatever it is that will not ruin your day.
If you can't think of something to smile about, enjoy sunrise, I think sunrise, or skies or nice clouds can bring about positive energies.
I feel like everyone likes nature and will bring about positive vibes for the day. If something along the day happens to interrupt your positive vibes, relax, take a deep breath and refocus yourself on the positive things, take a look at the sky again, or stroll in the park and be with nature, smile and look at yourself silly in the mirror, anything that can make you smile again. Don't let an ill incident ruin your day, it is your choice to be swept away by negative vibes, so you have your choice to stay positive too!

This step is simpler than the first step, although being able to count ones blessing, can really boost up your optimism about everything in life. I know everyone can understand how this step is done, but might as well be more fun if I can give a few examples.
Just in the morning, be grateful that you woke up ALIVE, some die in their sleep. So being alive is a blessing already.
Be thankful for the nice bed you are sleeping, the smooth and soft bed sheet, nice pillows, or nice weather you have in the morning.
Be thankful for the aroma of a great coffee for your breakfast.
As you continue to count your blessings, you would feel more positive because, you wont feel any lack, you feel that you have anything you need. Compared to others who don't have food, clothing, shelter, and work.
Be thankful for your partner (if you are in a relationship) or for your family and friends.
The list continues on, and I can guarantee you your day will be on a Happier and Lighter mode.
Always say THANK YOU to people whether be the cab driver, or the janitor, or your partner. Anyone you encounter, thank them.

Just 2 days ago, I started on feeling positive that I have a safe trip going here to another big city from home. Believe it or not, I met a nun, and said, she will pray for my safe trip, then when I arrived, my cab driver was nice and helped me with my luggage (some aren't helpful cabbies), when I cross the street, cars would stop so that I can walk across. It was so amazing that every street that I cross, the car would stop and signal me that I can cross the street! My day was really positive!

To dwell and think about our blessings and being grateful to them will make us more OPTIMISTIC about life. More positive about ourselves, and our circumstance. To boost our confidence and capitalize on our strengths rather than mope around our weaknesses, and be dependent on our addiction.

I hope my blog will inspire more to be positive and grateful.
I know I am.
I am thankful I have friends, family, and I am well provided for.
I have a job, I have REUNITING
Everything will fall into place, because we want positive changes in our lives.

Thank you all. Until next time!


Happy Happy Happy!

Hello everyone!

I am so glad that people respond to my blogs and comments with optimism and acceptance!
I hope that I have inspired more, and to continue to inspire more people.
Just being able to help and inspire others is already a feel good for me, and my confidence is on the 7th heaven level already!

If I can find time for more blogs, I am most to share them.
So far I have a busy week
No PMO's and so effortless to even achieve that since I can immediately refocus on OPTIMISM!
I am writing some notes on my journal, I may share some when I have complete time!

Blogging soon!

Thank you thank you thank you Reuniting!
Stay Happy
Stay Positive
We are LOVE!