Media, Politics, and lack of PMO awareness

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It's really sad when you see an article such as this one, which is quite sophisticated from a reputable writer in a reputable newspaper, and it seems like he has no idea that porn is really why men are having such problems. Even if he did, it's so politically incorrect to say anything that if you mention porn, people will think you're a crazy knucklehead. I would have posted something in the comments section, but I think people would think I'm some loony. So I won't comment in that article. But I will share it with you:

Does anybody have ideas how to get the message of no PMO/karezza across better so writers like this one will be writing about that instead?

Here's another interesting article

with a different spin. The USA is so divided that if you have a Republican saying that porn changes brain maps and is bad for you, liberals will think it's b.s. and we should have more freedoms and less morality. What a shame when facts are ignored. This article talks about the porn industry telling politicians to stay our of the industry, and completely in denial of how bad it really is, similar to the tobacco industry. It paints a pretty good picture of porn in our culture. There are also some interesting tidbits, such as internet porn being cited as a factor in 56% of divorces. Even where it wasn't blatantly discussed in my relationship, I know that it would have been one of the main factors had we broken up. Here is the article:

Yes, it's a tough meme to shift

The "spin" from both sides tends to keep the debate away from the facts and the science. Yet they are the only way the two sides will be able to have a meaningful discussion.

Eventually, guys like you will be in positions to say the necessary...and then the meme will shift. For now, however, recovering addicts aren't excited about "going public," and who can blame them? That's one reason we jumped in. Through a fluke we were already studying the relevant science...and since we're not porn addicts, but are interested in sex and harmonious relationships, we figured we could tackle it. It has been a real "labor of love." But also interesting.