Day 21 no PMO or MO (Want to ask a girl out!)

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Hey everyone!

So today is day 21 or no PMO or MO and I feel like I am starting to feel very confident in my journey of getting away from the pattern of watching porn! I am spending alot of my time writing songs, working on my songwriting career, trying to reconnect with friends and hang out, and talking to new girls online. Yesterday I hung out with a girl I met online and we agreed to just connect physically with no relationship. We made out and touched a little, but didn't have sex.....yet. It was interesting because I was enjoying the touch and feel and appreciating her lips, tongue, and body, but also knowing that I did not want a long term relationship with this girl due to different personality views and traits, but it was nice getting close with someone.

On another note, I was out running errands with my dad today and we went to the local Safeway. When we walked in there, we walked past this beautiful blonde girl who worked there as a checker that seemed closed to my age. As we walked past her, she said hi to my dad and asked how his day was in a very friendly and sweet manner. After we walked passed her, my dad said that he sees her every time he goes in there and she is always an extremely nice and sweet girl. After that I immediately felt a strong attraction to her not only because she was beautiful, but because my dad confirmed to me that she had a very sweet, kind, outgoing, and friendly personality which when strong enough, outweighs looks. After we got what we needed from the store, we went up to checkout, and I was looking at her a couple registers down, just admiring her beauty and sweet, calm, and bright energy. Right as we left, she looked at me, and I looked at her, and I knew I wanted to come back and ask her out! I haven't done a live female approach in a while, and I have encountered some woman in the past who got really nervous when I asked them out in person.

Do any females or males, have any advice on what I could say to let her know I am interested in getting to know her and that I would like to spend some time with her? The only place I could ask her at this time is at Safeway when she is working! Also, I know I am taking a risk of rejection, because it would blow my mind if a guy hasn't snagged her as his girlfriend already.

Thanks for the advice!


I'm no expert

But as to Safeway girl. Just keep going there, getting in her line whenever you can, smile, ask how she's doing, chat/laugh about what you're buying. Buy some kind of weird fruit or vegetable and tell her what you're going to cook with it or whether you've tried it or before. Make her feel comfortable and happy to see her. Then I suggest being upfront: "I enjoy chatting with you, even if it's only briefly.I'd like to get to talk to you a little more. Would you like to get a cup of coffee on your day off or when your shift is over?"If she can't give you an immediate answer, then give her your number and let her know you'd like to hear from her.

Rejection is a risk we all take. She might call you, she might not. The worst thing that will happen is that she will say no thank you for some reason, and then you can start going to other checkout lines. Give her a few days and the next time you're in Safeway and in her line, ask her if she's thought about your offer and if she'd like to get some coffee with you. You don't want to be pushy or scary. And remember, she might be flattered as all get out, but also flustered. Don't put all your eggs in her basket, so keep making friendly eye contact with other women in your area and talking to them. Good luck.


Just be gentle but persistent. I think as you reboot, your natural confidence will shine, so you will naturally feel her out. She should like that. The sheer fact you are rebooting should increase your odds on its own. I have a girlfriend, but I really feel I could be a much better PUA if I didn't.