Time Collapse & other weird S**t

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I loved reading Luv2Fly's experience with having an orgasmic wave. It got me to thinking about what's been happening for us.

We've been committed to regular sessions everyday, at least 2 - 3 hours. After getting clear and confronting our own particular emotional/pain issues about three months ago, there's been a definite change in the energy between us from then on, especially during PIV. I remember the first significant energy wave that happened a few weeks ago. I was in a passive, still mode for about 10 minutes, then something like intense 'pulsation" started happening in our pelvic area at the same moment.

We both looked at each other. "Feel that?" she asked. "Yeah, I feel it, what is it?" I tried to relax more deeply, but the energy seemed like it was starting to chase me around the room. (Think of being on the Scrambler at the county fair!) She reminded me to breathe deep and slow. She was on her back, both hands on her breasts. I was lying on my side (scissors like). Breathing like this intensified it, but it made it more delicious too, like smoothing out wrinkles with an iron.

Next thing I knew, an hour had passed. (Time collapse perhaps?) It only seemed like a few seconds had gone by. During that time all I can recall is floating. Penis sensation was no where to be found, like it disappeared - she was so relaxed and loose. I've decided that tight vaginas are a drag, especially after you've had the pleasure of swimming in a receptive, flappy one. It was pleasurable for sure, but it wasn't what I'd call orgasmic, it was more akin to soul soaring, in that the energy of our bodies felt expanded, less dense.

Darryl called me a couple of days ago to tell me that Annabelle had an insight about orgasm, she felt that it is actually the threshold limit of the body's ability to handle sexual/cosmic energy. When a person hits their limit, the orgasm naturally happens to release the building of energy. The pleasure / expanded feelings we start experiencing through higher levels of sensitivity (not climax), while not reaching for orgasm, is the building/expansion process, stretching the boundary of our personal limits - or ability to contain the energy - at that moment.

I would have never believed something this simple and profound could happen so quickly. My wife tells me that she believes a person has to really confront their personal pain-body blocks first, address feelings of distrust, abandonment, woundedness, resentment. Hard crap to deal with, but not impossible if you have a committed person to work with.

i think that makes sense

That sounds about right, what Annabelle said. It seems to make sense to me.

I wrote about an experience lying in scissors after a bit, and it was just my experience (not my wife's) and it was a full body euphoria ecstacy feeling that just went on and on. 

Not sure how long it went on. But I am a bit crimped by a partner that doesn't feel these things consciously yet so she wants to wrap things up sooner than I do...

I've lately been experimenting with pulling the energy up. It seems to work when I focus on my root and feel the energy coming out of her breasts and into me. At least in frontal intercourse positions it works this way. Haven't tried it sideways yet. But it seems to pull energy from my penis and into my whole body, and increases the circulation of energy through my wife, from her and to her.

Interestingly, I realize that even if she is unconscious of this, or still has the issues of the pain body to work out as your wife describes, the energy flows anyway.