Karezza without a partner and it's difference to the ideal way - My insight

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Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since my in-depth insights about Karezza, myself and all that's going on in the brain so here's one of those things that has been on my head, but I was too emotionally unstable the past week, that I had to make myself relax, take a lot of deep breathing exercises and meditations.

I have to admit my Karezza with a partner is quite minimal, but I can still recall it as detailed as I can, because it was the greatest feeling ever. Back then I had no idea that it was Karezza that I desired with my partner because, I had this ideal that I want more touching moments, not sexual touching moments. I had this want that when I am with my partner, that a part of my body is connected to him, whether just my foot on his lap, or his hands my lap, for as long as we are connected I am happy with it. It was also my want that when we sleep, my partner has to cup my breast, or his arms around my waist, or I am the one hugging him or we hug each other, whichever suits us the best, but most of the time I really require my partner to cup my breast, he'd do a bit of caressing, and we'd be happy. We would have deep sleep, and before we got into our relationship we were insomniacs, so it was such a great feeling we both feel at ease with each other when we were together. Our making love is shifting between Karezza and lustful sex, sometimes, we'd do things slow, and relaxed, and lovingly, but then he is so much into wanting to give me oral sex that he'd go crazy on making me cum while giving me oral, and after a few orgasms, he'd go back to cuddling me and talk to me romantically and all that, and he'd ask me to do the favor the way he gave me and I would oblige. I think the best part for the both of us is the after-sex because we'd really cuddle, and talk and just say so many good things about each other. We had this 10seconds per day kiss, although we have more than 10 seconds, and we both love kissing. And just hugging each other, it was an amazing feeling just in physical contact with him.

My solo Karezza like my experience with a partner is also minimal and under experimental observations. I already discovered that it is more intimate done during happiest times, than on stressed and anxious times. I have been trying to observe my reactions these past few days with my breast caressing, and body caressing, and I feel that it is not really effective to practice karezza during stressed or anxious times because you can be quite confused if what you have done is karezza or is it a soft-porn type of masturbation. I think that it can be done on stressful situations when you are deliberately caressing yourself really really slow, and focus more on the slowness, the touch, and the loving feeling. But then I haven't tried it yet cause, once my brain is thinking about someone while I am doing solo Karezza, I suddenly stop it and not to heat myself up, and instead I massage my body, my arms, neck shoulders and refocus back on my breasts when I am already in control again of my string of thoughts.

What's the difference between the ideal Karezza (which is with a partner) and solo Karezza?

This insight is still under observation, but so far I think the big difference between solo and with a partner is the amount of LOVE ENERGY released. I have finally came to conclusion that it is more ideal to experience Karezza with a partner is because the LOVE energy is doubled than when you do it alone. If it is with a partner, you can also have the assurance of the LOVE you have for yourself, and the love that is given to you by your partner. There is also the mutual giving and receiving LOVE when you are doing it in a partner, thus it is deemed more effective to really harness our reaction to sexual stimulus.

With regards to solo Karezza, I think it is effective for single people (like me) but on a stress free time. It does not require a partner, although the LOVE energy is lesser, than with a partner, it's advantage is that when there is already a partner, you already know how you react to sexual stimulus and heating-up. You will also know how to share Karezza experience with your partner.

*AM I MAKING SENSE? I hope I did.

Thank you everyone!
Stay Happy
Stay Positive
Stay in LOVE

P.S. I think my brain went to a sudden shut down. That I can't put additional thoughts on the difference. I will just post any continuation

Thank YOu



You and your ex-boyfriend: are you sure we are not the same person (LOL)? It was the same way for me; the pillow talk and cuddling were what we really enjoyed, as much as everything else we did, if not more.
But onto self-karezza: I really like your point of doing it when one is not stressed or anxious. It makes sense if the energy is only one person's being recycled in a circuit. It's the same tension or anxiety loop. Another person is not "giving" or "receiving" the tension away from you.

Rest assured my ex was not your ex!

Thank you for that comment enlightenment girl.
Just to make sure, was your ex now 69 years old? If yes, he could possibly be. LOL.

I apologize my insights aren't that as detailed as before.
My brains went shut down for more details about my insight.
I just need to do more relaxation. I was really tired when I wrote them out.

Thank you
Stay happy
Stay positive