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I was very intrigued by some recent posts about pre-cum. The thing that intrigued me was that several men who have been abstaining from ejaculation remarked that they do flow quite a bit of fluid from their cowper's gland during sex even though they do not ejaculate. The loss of this fluid does not seem to affect them too much.

Since I started practicing semen retention I have noticed that every 7-9 days or so I start feeling an intense stimulation just under the base of the penis. It feels like I have to pee all the time. Usually there will be a day of pressure slowly building and then a day when I have an oily fluid in my urine and the pressure goes away.

For a while I thought that perhaps my prostate was releasing semen into my urethra to release tension. However, I was unaware of the fact that there is more than one gland that contributes to the male fluids. 38 years old and still learning how my body works :) In any case, after reading these insightful posts I studied a drawing of the male sexual anatomy and realized that the place where I feel the pressure is the location of the cowper's gland. Perhaps this intense pressure I have been feeling has nothing to do with semen, but is actually pressure in the cowper's gland.

This got me thinking:
- Pressure in my cowper's gland drives me nuts. It is a huge distraction.
- Many men seem to be able to release this fluid with having an orgasm or ejaculation, and it does not seem to affect their energetic state too much to do this.
- Would releasing the pressure in the cowper's gland allow me to get rid of that irritating tension without taking too big a hit in the energy/ neuorchemicals department?

Of course, I had to experiment.

Yesterday I was feeling the irritation. I knew that if I left it alone the gland would eventually release its fluid into the urethra and take care of itself. However, I also knew that would cause me a full day of hovering near washrooms because it feels so much like I constantly have to pee when that happens. I wanted to know if I could consciously release that pre-cum without having an ejaculation and what the effect would be.

I stimulated myself very slowly paying very close attention to my state of arousal. I kept myself relaxed and my breath deep. I was also monitoring the area where I now know the Cowper's gland is. After a while I felt a subtle but noticeable change in that area. My intuition told me that the gland was open now. Sure enough, after a little while fluid began to trickle out. I stimulated a bit more until a small gush of pre-cum came out, then I stopped. I could feel tension building in the pelvic area toward ejaculation and I exhaled deeply and relaxed the muscles. There was no ejaculation.

Shortly after that I felt cold and had to put on a sweater. I noticed that the room had been cold all along. I felt very calm as well. My mind had been kind of jumping around and now it was relaxed. I slept very well and woke up feeling quite balanced this morning.

My take is that the release of pre-cum did have an effect on my energy. I went down a notch. My yang energy had been a bit too high and it came back down into a more relaxed level (less internal heat). I have not noticed any hang-over effects per see but I will keep an eye out for them.

I am hoping that I can train my body to relax and allow fluid to flow from the cowper's gland more easily so that I do not get the build up of irritating tension in that area. Small amounts of yang energy will be lost, but it is not on the same order as an ejaculation and can easily be recovered. I am sure that there is some kind of deep psychological reason for why the cowper's gland holds on so tightly before letting anything go. I vaguely recall being embarassed by the wetness when I was younger. Perhaps I unintentionally caused my body to clamp down on something that is actually a normal and healthy function (releasing pre-cum). I will set the intention for those wounds to be healed so that the body can come into a smoother balance with its fluids.




[quote=Louie]I Sure enough, after a little while fluid began to trickle out. I stimulated a bit more until a small gush of pre-cum came out, then I stopped. .[/quote]

Copious secretions from my Cowper's gland have pleased and plagued me for years; but it has always had a viscous consistency, almost like transparent glue; and in no way has it ever 'gushed' out of me. Rather, it seems to 'seep', for want of a better word.

A couple of times in the past I noticed another fluid that was neither sperm nor the sticky pre ejaculate I'm used to. It definitely gushed, far quicker than sperm itself. It happened without ejaculation - though it was accompanied by some definite sensation of release. I've no idea what this was but I speculated at the time it might have been prostate fluid, which combines with sperm to make up the ejaculate. It was almost milky in both colour and consistency. By comparison, as I said, my pre ejaculate is transparent, and is present whenever I'm even mildly aroused.

I'm absolutely no expert; and don't want to cast doubt on your experiment; but your use of the word 'gush' made me wonder.


Your description of prostate fluid seems to fit with what I observed. It was milky and the consistency of water.

I have decided that I do not want to do this experiment again. I came uncomfortably close to ejaculation before I got the gush. That would seem to support the idea that it was prostate fluid and not pre-cum. I would say that what I experienced was a partial ejaculation. That would also explain why I felt a distinct drop in body temerature and a sense of relaxation afterward.

Oh well. Live and learn. The upside is that I spent 40 minutes carefully observing how my body feels going through its stages of arousal. I found a zone that was very comfortable to stay in. It was only when I realized that I was not aroused enough to get any fluid that I stepped things up again. Next time I will just get into that zone and stay there.

it's great

simply wonderful you are experimenting and being aware of what is happening Louie.

I have often wondered if all the pre-cum that comes out of my penis during cuddling is helpful in relieving the need to masturbate or have an orgasm. We cuddle and snuggle every other day and have sex every other day, and regardless, since we began this experiment ourselves 9 months ago, I have not had an ejaculation or orgasm and yet haven't missed it.

But I"ve kept very careful records of my moods and hers and what happens sexually and otherwise. And I know the things that keep my feelings and yang as you put it, at the top level, and the things that bring it down a notch. Cuddling in a way that edges, that seems to be close to intercourse without intercourse, will in a few days bring my amazing feelings down a lot of notches. But ordinary cuddling and sexual intercourse Karezza style sustains my incredible feelings and doesn't bring them down at all.

One thing I read that you wrote, was a feeling of having to pee continually. This I find is caused by a bit of urethra inflammation. Several things can bring it on. Drinking too much fluid can do it sometimes, though not always. I used to get it when I ejaculated and then had to urinate. I always thought it had something to do with ejaculation. Still something I"m curious about and observing. I get it infrequently now.